10 Best Winter Duvets 2021 | The Sun UK

WITH the nights drawing in, swapping your regular duvet for a cosy winter one will help you get a better sleep – no one sleeps well when they’re chilly.

So we’ve rounded up some high-tog winter-warmth duvets including synthetic, wool, silk, down and feather options to help you sleep soundly this winter.

A duvet’s tog rating isn't a measure of weight but rather a measure of how well it retains heat.

It’s a highly personal choice but most people will be warm enough under a duvet of 10.5 togs or more during the British winter.

However, if you’re a cold-blooded sort that always feels the cold (or your bedroom is a bit draughty), you can find duvets of up to 15 togs, and even more if you shop at a specialist retailer.

As well as togs to consider, there are also plenty of options when it comes to fillings: you might choose a practical synthetic filling like microfibre or hollowfibre, the luxury and warmth of feathers or down, or even natural fillings such as wool and silk.

Each has their benefits, so choose wisely.

We’ve rounded up some of the best winter duvet options below with prices quoted for a standard double throughout to allow for easy comparison.

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