'A journey through the timeline of trash': The Waste Age exhibition

There’s no more damning indictment of society’s addiction to stuff than the mounds of rubbish that litter the world, and the Design Museum’s eco exhibition makes that clear.

Divided into three sections, the Waste Age takes you on a journey through the timeline of trash.

First up, it’s Peak Waste – where we are now.

Here, you’re faced with a barrage of disturbing factoids about just how many plastic bags we use a minute, while a graveyard of TVs demonstrates how throwaway culture has got us into a mess we might not be able to reuse, reduce or recycle our way out of.

But while there are challenges to recycling, there are also boundless opportunities: Precious Waste sees discarded fridges transformed into chairs, human hair into ropes and even buttons made from milk curds.

As for a Post Waste age? If the exhibits are anything to go by, it won’t be long before we’re wearing outfits made from algae and eating recycled food. Waste not, want not.

Waste Age is at the Design Museum until Feb 20.

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