A Place in the Sun’s Jean Johansson hits out over managing ‘fussy’ guest’s expectations

A Place in the Sun: Jean Johansson says to couple ‘I’ve done well’

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A Place in the Sun presenter Jean Johansson has been a staple on the Channel 4 property series since 2018, and during that time she has helped many house hunters to find their dream holiday homes abroad. However, in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, the 39-year-old admitted that not every property search is easy, and sometimes her house hunters can be difficult to please.

Speaking about managing her guests’ criteria during one particular episode, Jean explained: “It was tough and as always on A Place in the Sun it’s a journey, isn’t it?

“There are a few [properties] that maybe don’t suit them.

“And so, just like every episode there are ups and downs.”

Jean went on to explain that she tries to meet her buyers’ property criteria, although, sometimes it is not always possible.

“I think we’re all bargain hunters and inherently we all want to spend the least amount that we can,” the expert continued.

“We often get bargain hunters and part of our jobs as the experts and presenters is to manage those expectations.

“We are on their side, but we also have to manage the expectations as well.”

In a recent episode of A Place in the Sun, Jean was left red-faced when one of her guests labelled one of her choices as “claustrophobic” and “too clinical”.

The instalment saw Jean helping Nick and Laura to find their dream home in Spain’s Costa del Sol.

However, things didn’t go to plan for poor Jean after Nick shut down two of the properties.

And despite Jean’s best efforts to persuade him, the chef told her: “For me, I think it’s a little too compact and there’s not enough space.

“It just has a little bit of a clinical feel.”

The 39-year-old often meets with her house hunters the Sunday before the property search so she can get to know them better.

She also can offer advice and tips to her guests for the week ahead.

“On each show, we start filming on a Monday and on Sunday night we have dinner and drinks with the house hunters with no cameras before we even go out filming,” Jean explained.

“That’s a good time to sort of get to know them before any cameras are rolling.”

She added: “That’s when we will manage expectations and we’ll give them any tips.”

Last year, Channel 4 bosses were forced to halt production due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This meant the presenters were unable to travel abroad to film.

However, when the travel ban was lifted, Jean and her co-stars were able to travel but with restrictions in place.

At the time, they were only able to film in the green listed countries. However, now Jean can travel to more sunny destinations.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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