A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton says her boob once leaked during show

Laura Hamilton has recalled one of her most awkward moments during filming A Place in the Sun – when her boob leaked just weeks after giving birth.

The 38-year-old TV host had a beautiful glow when she appeared on IGTV Celebrity Skin Talk yesterday (January 20) and told the hilarious story and explained how the embarrassing blunder came about.

Chatting to host Scott McGlynn, AKA Celebrity SkinCare King, Laura says she was back at work just weeks after having her first baby when disaster struck.

Laughing about the incident, Laura said: "I travelled with my daughter when she was three weeks old and I was filming, I went back to work.

"And I was obviously breastfeeding and, on camera, I had to say to the director, 'My left boob is about to start leaking milk'.

"And so I had to do the rest of the house tour with my arm across my boob…"

In the show, Laura also confessed she wears a lot less make-up away from the screen and drinks as much water as possible to keep her skin looking healthy.

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Laura also shared that she was struggling with a skin problem called millia (white bumps under the skin filled with the protein keratin).

"It's clogged up but you can't pick them," she explained and said only a professional could get rid of them.

Laura has worked on A Place in the Sun since 2012 – the same year she married her hunky husband Alex Goward.

The couple have two children together, Rocco, seven, and daughter Tahlia, five.

She has previously opened up about her autoimmune condition which was diagnosed when she found herself covered in huge bruises she couldn't explain.

Laura was diagnosed with immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) which causes the body to attack its own ­platelets.

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