A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton steps in as guest walks off: ‘Can’t do that!’

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Laura, 38, was on hand to show recently-retired Mia and her mother Valerie around several properties in the countryside province of Alicante in Spain. With a budget of £170,000, the home-hunter was looking to make a permanent move abroad and, therefore, had an extensive set of criteria for the presenter to adhere to when trying to find properties. However, just moments into the first viewing, the guest walked off from where the Channel 4 show host was talking to her mother as she wanted to get inside and have a look around.

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Mia told Laura she ideally wanted a three-bedroom property which included a private pool and garden as she liked to grow flowers and produce of her own.

The home-hunter also said she wanted lots of land as she wanted an orchard from where she could pick fruit to make jams and other preserves.

Believing she had the right place in mind, the presenter took the guest and her mother to a property in a secluded part of Alicante.

Hitting the mark, the establishment was surrounded by an abundance of land and the garden already had a variety of plants growing.

It was this feature which really intrigued Mia, but she got ahead of herself as she soon decided to have a look around the site without the presenter.

“I want to have a look around,” Mia said as she walked away from the sight of the camera, to which the presenter then stepped in.

“You can’t wander off,” Laura declared as she stood with Valerie, before asking the home-hunter whether she and her mother did some gardening together.

“I can’t do as much as I used to,” the guest’s mother replied, to which her daughter joked: “Mum orders me around and I do it.”

The host then took the pair inside the property and on first appearances, the guest wasn’t completely sold as “it didn’t grab her by the heart.”

You can’t wonder off

Laura Hamilton

However, when she went to look around the house by herself, she began to picture herself living there and told the presenter she had changed her mind.

The first property then became a contender to be Mia’s dream home, but Laura wasn’t done yet as she had another four properties to show the pair.

Next up was a four-bed country house in Monovar, which resembled the look of a French countryside chateau.

Valued at £191,304, the property was at the top end of Mia’s budget and when she went inside, the guest could see the house needed some work done to it to bring it up to scratch.

Though the home-hunter told the presenter she was willing to put it as a contender to buy as from first appearances, it was her dream home.

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Property number three blew the rest out of the water, however, as Mia fell in love with the five-bedroom cave house.

Valued at £195,652, the home was located in the Hondon De Las Nievas region of Alicante and included a large private pool, three bathrooms and several outbuildings.

With a plot of three acres, the land would be looked after by a local farmer who would attend to the crops and the rest of the upkeep.

This was the ideal house for the guest, so much so, she didn’t complete the viewings for the final two houses as they didn’t live up to her expectations.

By the end of the programme, the cave house was at the top of the list for the recently-retired home hunter and she told Laura she wanted to put in an offer.

Although the house was at the top of her budget, the agent told Laura the owner was willing to accept £165,000.

However, Mia thought she could be cheeky and asked the presenter to put in an offer of £161,000 which the owner declined.

Instead, the guest was told the value of the house had gone up to £175,000, to which she said she would go up to the original sum of £165,000 and it would be her final offer.

After much back and forth, the presenter told her guest she was the proud owner of the five-bedroom cave house and both Mia and Valerie were over-the-moon with the sale.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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