Adam Sandler's Bulldog Bagel Joins Fleetwood Mac 'Dreams' Craze

Adam Sandler’s bulldog Bagel is the latest “celebrity” swept up in the Fleetwood Mac “Dreams” craze with a new video posted on the actor’s Twitter.

The short clip finds Bagel frolicking in a field, daydreaming of Nathan Apodaca — the original “Dreams” longboarder — and encountering a bottle of Ocean Spray. At video’s end, the bulldog is reunited with his owner Sandler on a studio lot.

“Even Bagel knows Fleetwood Mac is the shit,” Sandler tweeted.

Bagel’s “Dreams” video follows homages made by both Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks, and thousands of TikTokers.

On the wake of the viral TikTok videos, both “Dreams” and Rumours have returned to the charts, with the song recently landing at Number Three on the RS 100 singles chart and the 1977 album climbing up to Number Nine on the most recent Rolling Stone Top 200 Albums chart. Over the past week, the 20x-platinum Rumours was downloaded an additional 3,400 times, and it also earned 26.7 million streams.

The “Dreams” reemergence has also had a residual effect on the rest of Fleetwood Mac’s catalog as the group’s self-titled 1975 album also jumped from Number 58 to Number 44 on the RS Top 200.

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