Adele forced to use mediators in divorce from husband to split up 'huge sums of money'

WHEN ADELE revealed she was divorcing ­husband Simon Konecki in 2019, it was one of the bombshell showbiz splits of the decade.

They finally reached an agreement just days ago following a lengthy legal wrangle over cash and shared custody of their eight-year-old son, Angelo.

Despite an initially very amicable break-up and a vow to avoid lawyers, the former couple have been using mediators to help agree terms on the deal.

And last Friday, almost two years after their split, they finally filed sealed paperwork ­confirming agreed terms to court officials in LA.

A source said: “This has been a very long time ­coming, but the sums of money involved and the assets are absolutely huge.

“They made it very clear they didn’t want to set ­lawyers on each other but the process hasn’t been exactly straightforward all the same. The priority was making sure they did right by their son, Angelo.

“The first thing they agreed on was sharing custody, and since then it has been about dividing up the rest of their marital finances fairly.

“Fortunately they have ­managed to get there without an explosive public court case, slanging matches or scandalous claims about each other, and that gives them the best ­possible chance of ­staying on good terms in the future.

"There have been disagreements on the way but the mediation did its job.”

Figures reveal Adele rakes in around £82,000 per day in royalties, which has landed her a huge fortune — while Simon has accrued a smaller pile himself, said to be in the region of £2million.

They live on the same street after the Hello singer, who is worth £150million, bought a house opposite for Simon. They began dating in 2011 and wed in secret in 2016.

At the Grammy Awards a year later, Adele confirmed they had tied the knot. During a gushing acceptance speech for Best Album, she referred to Simon as her “husband”.

There was reportedly no pre-nup, and the marriage will formally be ended when a judge signs off the paperwork imminently, after it was lodged last Friday in Los Angeles.

There have been disagreements on the way but the mediation did its job.

Since the split, Adele has astonished fans with her extra- ordinary transform- ation, shedding an incredible 7st through an intensive diet and workout regime while also working on her hotly anticipated new record.

The album is understood to have undergone several rewrites and overhauls as she bids to perfect it and reflect the ongoing changes in her life.

Adele’s showbiz pal Alan Carr recently revealed he had heard some of the music and labelled it “incredible”.

It’s expected to be nearing completion now after several delays to the planned release date, with fans desperate to hear what she has come up with.

Adele may even head in a totally new direction. After all, she’s got plenty to be upbeat about.

Maura looks on light side

IF you think Maura Higgins looks too good to be true here, you might want to follow her tips on taking alluring photos.

The Love Islander posed in Ann Summers lingerie for this snap on Instagram.

Alongside the picture, Maura hit back at critics who accused her of editing the pics she shares on social media, insisting it is all about good angles.

She said: “My DMs [direct messages] are just flooded with trolls at the moment claiming I overuse the ‘smooth’ tool and enhance my eyeballs. Should I really apologise for having good skin? Really?

“The trick to making your eyes pop is just good lighting and white eyeliner. I like to just up the brightness and detail my outfit.”

Perhaps she could give me some pointers. If it’s as easy as she says, I’ll be modelling for Calvin Klein in no time.

Little hoarse

PERRIE Edwards admits she “cringes” when listening to Little Mix’s debut album DNA because her voice sounds like Kermit the Frog.

She had inflamed tonsils when they recorded the songs and had them taken out soon after.

Perrie, whose girl band is a decade old this year, told Apple Music 1: “On X Factor we had no sleep and my tonsils were the size of balloons.

“I went to see a specialist and he said, ‘I’ve done this job for 30 years and I’ve never seen tonsils like this. I don’t know how you can breathe.’ They took them out and then my voice completely changed for the better. I was like Kermit the Frog.”

‘He robbed us’

GARY Barlow is still fuming that Mr Blobby beat Take That’s Babe to Christmas No1 almost three decades ago.

Speaking on Magic Radio, he said: “There’s very few things I hate but that Blobby – I hate him. He’s ridiculous. Kids don’t like him.

“He scares people. He’s ­horrible. I hate him. And he robbed us – he robbed us!”

Zayn's album aptly named

ZAYN Malik’s third studio album Nobody Is Listening has charted at a disappointing No17.

The record was a whole ten places lower than the second solo effort from Zayn’s former One Direction bandmate Harry Styles, Fine Line.

That is despite Harry’s record being released all the way back in December 2019.

In a move which I can only assume was a distraction tactic, Zayn’s model girlfriend Gigi Hadid has finally revealed the name of their baby daughter, four long months after the tot was born.

The model changed her profile on Instagram to say “Khai’s mom”, having stayed tight-lipped about the baby’s name until now.

Ray of hope for Glasto

FOR festival fans gutted at the prospect of another year with no Glastonbury, there is a glimmer of hope.

Founder Michael Eavis is pondering a scaled-down ­festival in September if Covid rules are eased.

He said that would let him mark the 51st anniversary of the festival, which first took place in September 1970, after plans for its 50th were scuppered by Covid-19 last summer.

Asked if major acts would ­perform, Michael said: “Yes, but I need to get reassurance from the ethics people.”

Covid ordeal is hol for some

KYLIE and Kendall Jenner made sure everyone knew they were on holiday with these snaps, after blowing a fortune on their luxury getaway.

The sisters and several pals flew on a private jet to a lavish villa in Mexico, costing an eye-watering £4,729 per night.

While there, they shared a string of photos on Instagram. Must have missed the memo about staying at home.

All kicking off with KSI

THEY spar together in the music video for their hit single Don’t Play, but when it comes to Anne-Marie and KSI’s ­fighting credentials, he has revealed she would walk all over him.

The YouTube sensation has proved himself as a boxer in a series of amateur matches, but the Rockabye singer is an award-winning karate champion so KSI is not keen to take her on.

In an exclusive chat to celebrate their song going straight to No2 in the Official Singles Chart, KSI – real name Olajide “JJ” Olatunji – said of the pop star: “Legit, she can kick.

“She can get her leg quite high up and give a few people a few roundhouse kicks left, right and centre. She could kick people through walls.

“She has power. I had my hands out to take her punches and I was like, ‘Damn! I see you, Anne-Marie.’ ”

The pair went back to their roots for the video, which sees them boxing together in a ring.

Anne-Marie explained: “I had tried kickboxing but never straight boxing. I found it really hard because the technique is so different. JJ did teach me a thing or two about an uppercut and a hook. My body does not move in that way so it looked really awkward at first. In the shot in the video where JJ is showing me the technique it is real – they caught the actual teaching on camera.”

Anne-Marie and KSI teamed up with super-producer Digital Farm- ­Animals for the track, and while they were beaten to the top spot by Oliva Rodrigo and her huge hit Drivers License, they are chuffed with how well it has done.

Anne-Marie added: “That song was not budging but No2 is basically a No1 for us! It feels amazing to be starting 2021 with a banger and the music video is popping off and it’s streaming loads so it’s great.”

The pair have now confirmed they are working on a second track together.
On her new friendship with KSI, Anne-Marie said: “I am very open and honest and I try to be as down to earth as I can be all the time but meeting JJ opened my eyes even more.

“He is so real, it was very inspiring. He taught me to be myself and not to change myself for anyone. And his laugh is as crazy as mine. I was so happy about that.”

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