Alabama Barker, 17, begs 'leave me alone' in cryptic post after dad Travis is ripped following her concerning behavior | The Sun

ALABAMA Barker has caused major concern from fans after begging to be left alone after concern from fans and critics over her behavior.

Travis Barker's daughter, whom he shares with ex-wife Shanna Moakler, has repeatedly faced backlash over her adult appearance and stirred worry from fans with her cryptic posts.

On Friday, Alabama, 17, took to her Instagram Story to send a pointed message to her followers.

Kourtney Kardashian's stepdaughter filmed the hood of the car she was riding in while driving down a crowded roadway.

A song played over the clip with lyrics that stated: "Stop calling my phone, just leave me alone."

In a second clip, she recorded herself hanging out of the roof of the car with the hood of the oversized black sweatshirt she was wearing pulled down to obscure her face.

Alabama made rock-and-roll horns with her fingers while standing out of the opening.

She then shifted to giving the camera the middle finger, which she waved in front of her own face upside down.

Her post comes after her Blink-182 drummer dad was slammed by critics for poor parenting following the premier of his and wife Kourtney's Hulu wedding special.


The couple's road to their wedding was captured for Till Death Do Us Part Kourtney & Travis.

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Before the ceremony, the Kardashian and Travis held a welcome dinner in Portofino, Italy, at a restaurant called Ristorante Puny. 

Before the guests arrived, there was already a massive group of fans and paparazzi waiting for the famous family.

Kourtney, Travis, some of their children, and close family members – including Travis' daughter Alabama – were driven to the restaurant via boat.

On the boat, the KUWTK alum exclaimed: "Look at the town you guys. North, look at the town."

The Poosh founder went on to talk about the restaurant they'd be having dinner at, and she pointed it out on the boardwalk. 

"You guys, it looks kind of crazy in town," she said once she saw the large crowd. 

At the same time, the camera angle changed to show Travis and Alabama sitting on the boat.

The musician was facing the front of the boat toward Kourtney while his daughter sat behind him looking visibly upset. 

She closed her eyes slowly as if she was trying to blink away tears, and when her eyes were open, they looked red and glassy. 

It also appeared as though she was on the verge of having a panic attack. 

Travis, however, didn't seem to notice as he never turned around. 

After watching the wedding special, critics took to Reddit to slam him and his parenting, especially regarding Alabama. 

The original poster of the thread said: "This guy is really ugly and creepy and seems like a terrible parent."

One user responded, "His laissez-faire attitude about Alabama's social media posts/presence is just gross, and it reflects poorly on [Kourtney] now that they're hitched, imo."

Another wrote: "I wouldn't shame this man on his looks. He was in a major plane crash & suffered multiple third-degree burns. His parenting on the other hand…"

A third added: "His daughter is begging him to protect her with those [NSFW] pics she posts."


It's not the first time either Travis or Kourtney has been slammed for their parenting of Alabama.

Earlier this month, fans demanded that the Poosh founder "watch her kids" after Travis' teen posted a series of photos some found "inappropriate."

The pics were from a pool day and showed Alabama laying out on a raft shaped like an old-fashioned phone.

She was wearing a cheeky bikini that exposed much of her butt as she lay face down on the float.

In a second snap, the social media influencer posed by the pool again, again with her back facing the camera.

A third pic showcased her cleavage and her makeup-free face as she enjoyed a dip in the water.

Alabama closed out the post with a shot of her bikini body from a distance as she overlooked the California mountains.

She captioned her post: "I feel you in my mind."

Fans weren't pleased and pleaded with Alabama to act her age.

Several Reddit users demanded Travis and Kourtney be more strict on their daughter.

"This child is so young," one wrote, while a second agreed: "It’s so gnarly, has Travis liked it and commented in appropriately yet? Sheesh."

"This is getting more and more disturbing. Reporting her account. Lol," a third requested.

"How is this not 'child pornography.' Someone call CPS for God's sake. Wtf!" a fourth scathed.

"Who’s taking these? Lol please don’t be Kourt," a fifth suggested.

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"This makes me sick. Only bc this is being encouraged by everyone around her and her parents aren’t protecting her. They absolutely know what kind of sick f**ks look for this exact kind of material," another complained.

"Somebody parent this child!!!!!!" a final pleaded.

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