Alec Baldwin speaks on Halyna Hutchins shooting death for first time on-camera in Vermont

ALEC Baldwin spoke in public for the first time since the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the film Rust.

The actor addressed a group of paparazzi that caught up with him in Vermont, where he has been laying low with his family since the shocking fatal shooting.

The actor, speaking beside his wife Hilaria, appeared to be a bit tense in the footage posted by TMZ, first noting that he is not allowed to "make any comments because it's an ongoing investigation."

"It's an active investigation … a woman died," Alec said.

"She was my friend," he added. "The day I arrived on the set I took her to dinner with Joel, the director.

"We were a very, very well-oiled crew shooting a film together and then this horrible thing happened."

At one point, Alec and Hilaria appeared to get upset at a reporter for asking about the shooting without using Halyna's name.

"Her name is Halyna," Hilaria snapped.

Though the actor could not share much information about the fatal shooting, he did say that he fully supports increasing safety measures when firearms are used on film sets, including perhaps banning real guns and live ammo in the future.

When asked if he thinks production will start up again on Rust, Alec simply said: "No, I doubt it."

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The actor ended the conversation by saying that his children were in the car crying because the family was being followed by paparazzi.

He noted that they "stopped as a courtesy," and asked reporters, "please, will you stop following us?"


Earlier this month, Alec was filming a scene on the set of his new Western movie that required him to fire a gun that was supposed to be loaded with blanks.

However, tragedy struck when the gun discharged either shrapnel or a bullet, which hit two people on set, Halyna and director Joel Souza.

According to the Associated Press, Baldwin was handed the gun by his assistant director who told him it was safe to use.

Shortly after the incident took place, Halyna was airlifted to a hospital where she died from her injuries.

It's unclear at the time if anyone will be charged in the fatal shooting, as the investigation is ongoing.

In a statement first given to The Sun, Santa Fe County Sheriff Juan Rios revealed: “The sheriff’s office confirms that two individuals were shot on the set of Rust.

"Halyna Hutchins, 42, director of photography, and Joel Souza, 48, director, were shot when a prop firearm was discharged by Alec Baldwin, 63, producer, and actor."

The officer also confirmed that no charges have been filed but the investigation remains ongoing as witnesses are being quizzed.

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