Alex Beresford jumps to defend Meghan Markle after brother’s ‘exhausting attack’

Good Morning Britain's weather presenter Alex Beresford has jumped to defend royal Meghan Markle after her brother launched an 'exhausting attack'.

Alex is no stranger to coming to Meghan's aid and has slammed Thomas Markle Jr's comments on his sister, saying he should thank the Duchess of Sussex for his "Big Brother appearance fee".

He wrote on social media that he should focus on him getting a spot on the reality show over attacking her with mean comments.

Meghan's 55-year-old brother prepared to enter Australia's Big Brother House and branded his sister as "shallow", writes The Express.

However, royal experts have said Thomas and the Duchess have not been in contact for several years and were not speaking before Meghan, 40, became a member of the Royal Family.

During the opening trailer for Big Brother, Thomas claimed he was the "biggest brother of all", before making remarks on his royal sibling.

His comments hit a nerve with ITV's Alex who took to Twitter to defend the duchess.

He wrote: "Man! Are we still talking about Meghan Markle, whilst she is simultaneously getting on with her life.

"In fact, most are getting on with theirs, bar a few who want to keep the narrative going."

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He added to his almost 250,000 Twitter followers with: "Exhausting! I hope her Big Brother thanks her for his Big Brother appearance fee."

Fans of the weather presenter seemed to agree with his thoughts on the subject.

One follower penned: "Imagine your only claim to fame being that you are related to someone famous who achieved something with her life."

A second added: "Some people just don’t know when to let it go and leave her alone! She’s getting on with her life, and good for her. She deserves to."

"It’s no wonder she wants nothing to do with them," wrote another.

When entering the Big Brother House, Thomas Markle Jnr said: "I'm Meghan Markle's brother, I'm the biggest brother of them all.

"I told Prince Harry, I think she's going to ruin your life, she’s very shallow."

He reportedly sent a letter to Prince Harry ahead of his wedding to Meghan, saying it was "not too late" to cancel.

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