Alicia Vikander flashes cleavage in Playboy Bunny outfit in The Glorias trailer

Oscar-winning actor Alicia Vikander has dressed up in the infamous Playboy Bunny suit to portray feminist icon Gloria Steinem in her new film The Glorias.

A second trailer of the biographical film, directed by Julie Taymor, shows the young women's rights activist going undercover at the New York Playboy Club.

The Ex-Machina star, 31, who plays as Gloria from ages 20 to 40, is seen donning a turquoise tube-top suit and the bunny ears headband.

Gloria published an article for Huntington Hartford's Show magazine back in 1963, which revealed that the workers could get a pay cut if they "don't smile, don't fit into your costume, or don't do the Bunny dip while serving".

A segment of the trailer shows Gloria picking up her iconic oversized sunglasses at a shop despite being told that "those are too big they hide your beautiful face".

The character is later played by Oscar winner Julianne Moore when the story moves on to the historic 1977 National Women's Conference.

The movie is based on Gloria's 2015 memoir My Life on the Road. It depicts surreal scenes where all four Glorias – including Lulu Wilson and Ryan Kira Armstrong as Gloria in her childhood – interact and chatting on screen at once.

Julianne told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Monday: "I saw [Gloria Steinem] at a Time's Up meeting.

"She was there but there were a lot of us there. And then there was a play based on the book too and I went to the play. And she came out at the end for a talkback and on her way by she waved. I was like oh my God! She said hi to me!

"She's wonderful. She did [come to the set]. She was there during rehearsal and stuff."

The Glorias is available to purchase on streaming website Amazon Prime on September 30.

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