All Creatures Great and Smalls Samuel West on being an older dad: Didnt have the guts

Samuel West proud of his mother Prunella Scales

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Samuel West, 55, has revealed why he decided to have children in his late 40s. The actor welcomed his first child in 2014, when he was 48.

I spent a long time wanting children and not having the guts to settle down.

Samuel West

Samuel acts across theatre, film, television, and radio, leaving little time for children in his career-driven younger years.

The actor spoke to The Big Issue in the form of an open letter to his younger self.

In this, he discussed how his life has changed since having children and advice he would give to his rebellious younger self.

Speaking about having children later in life, he said: “I spent a long time wanting children and not having the guts to settle down.

“So I was 48 when I became a father.”

He added: “Your life changes because you’re no longer the most important person in it, and I’ve loved that.”

Samuel said that he had children so late as he was waiting to find the right person to start a family with.

He also made sure he met with a therapist before becoming a father to ensure he was in the best state of mind for his child.

Samuel was born into the industry, being the eldest son of famous actors Prunella Scales and Timothy West.

Having famous parents always at work, Samuel was cared for by nannies most of the time during his childhood.

He detailed how he would get close to someone and they would leave his life, which caused elements of damage.

The actor said: “I did sometimes feel the absence of my parents in my life.

“They were very busy, and I never blame them for that – they had to go where the work was.

“One of our children has had one nanny all her life and one the same since she was one year old.”

This left a lasting impact on Samuel’s life, with him believing this could be at the root of why he did not settle down.

He said: “I think that lack, that absence, is something I learned more about and had to find peace with before I was able to settle down.”

Along with his extensive acting career, Samuel has also directed on stage and radio.

Adding to his talents, Samuel often appears as a reciter with orchestras, having performed at the Last Night of the Proms in 2002.

Most recently, he was cast as Siegfried Farnon in the remake of the veterinary drama All Creatures Great and Small.

The 2020 television series, set in 1937, follows the adventures of Yorkshire vet, James Herrirot.

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