All the clues and hidden meanings Taylor Swift dropped in her All Too Well music video

Taylor Swift fans will be familiar with the star's re-recording of her hit albums, and why she has decided to so. And last week, the star dropped Red (Taylor's Version), a new and upgraded version of her hit 2012 album.

The original album was filled to the brim with tracks about heartbreak and a previous relationship's breakdown, but the new 2021 version has given us multiple never-heard-before bops.

Referred to as her 'From the Vault' tracks, the new album has a whopping eight new songs, but all anyone seems to be talking about at the moment is the extended, 10-minute version of All Too Well.

Despite it never being released as a single back in 2012, the song – which may or may not be about Taylor's relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal – was a huge hit with fans, with many referring to it as their 'crying song'.

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And now, what we once used to cry to as teenagers has come back with a vengeance, as All Too Well (Taylor's Version) dropped on November 12, with an incredible 14-minute-long music video to boot.

Starring Dylan O'Brien and Sadie Sink as the 'couple', the short film (which was also directed by Taylor) had everyone in tears with its raw encapsulation of the relationship's demise.

The new version of All Too Well comes with multiple new verses, which leave plenty of room to portray this on-camera.

As all Swifties know, the singer is a huge fan of leaving clues and hidden meanings in all of her music videos, and nothing is ever truly just black and white with the star.

All of her videos, as well as her social media posts and album campaigns, urge fans to dig a little deeper, so we've done just that.

From fan theories to blatantly obvious easter eggs – here are all of the hidden meanings in Taylor Swift's All Too Well music video…

The accuracy of Sadie's outfits

In the music video, Sadie's whole look is undeniably based off of Taylor's style from 2010 to 2012.

Taylor and Jake dated in 2010, when Taylor was 19 years old, and her trademark red lipstick, naturally wavy hair and black turtleneck are all echoed by Sadie in the short film.

The style is absolutely bang-on, especially her outfit during the dinner party scene, which we've seen Taylor sport.

The unsubtle age gap

Those who kept up with the Swift-Gyllenhaal breakup back in 2010 will know that the pair's 11-year age gap was alleged to be one of the reasons for the split.

When they dated, Taylor was 19, and turned 20 in the December of 2010, and Jake was 29, turning 30 in the same month.

So is it just a total coincidence that actress Sadie is actually 19 years old in real life, and actor Dylan is 30 years old? Maybe… But knowing Taylor, it was most likely on purpose.

Taylor also added some new lyrics appearing to address the reason for their break up.

The additional lyrics include "I'll get older but your lovers stay my age" and "You said if we had been closer in age maybe it would have been fine."

The recreation of a very famous moment

When they were dating, Taylor and Jake kept things quite low-key, but even they couldn't escape the paparazzi.

One infamous set of images, that pretty much cemented that the pair were dating, shows Taylor and Jake walking through a leaf-filled park in Autumn.

The pair are smiling and look carefree in the snaps, as they have their arms around each other.

Looks quite familiar to one particular scene in the music video, no?

The Jake Lyon situation

Taylor seems to have gone to an extreme length to claim to everyone that her ex, Jake, was lyin'.

At the end of the music video, when we see Sadie in the present day, played by Taylor herself, a man can be seen watching through the window.

The random appearance of the man in the snow was confirmed to be 'Him, later on', in the credits, but what fans really found hilarious that Taylor has specifically casted a person called Jake Lyon for the role.

The 'actress' referred to could be Jennifer Aniston

Not that we needed any more reasons to love Jennifer Aniston, but the actress is thought to be who Taylor refers to in the new lyrics.

A new verse talks about Taylor's encounter with an unnamed actress after she was caught crying in a toilet stall during a party.

The lyrics go: "Not weeping in a party bathroom / Some actress asking me what happened, you / That’s what happened, you."

Swifties – being Swifties – took only a few moments to find an old article from early 2011, which claimed Friends actress Jen had given Taylor some words of encouragement only a few weeks after her alleged break-up with Jake on New Year's Eve.

An insider told US publication Daily News that Jennifer had been giving Taylor love advice, telling her to "hang in there".

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