American Idol’s Katy Perry ‘tears up set’ after Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan axe ‘great singer’ Saveria – The Sun

AMERICAN Idol judge, Katy Perry, tore up the show's set in protest after Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan kicked off Saveria.

The 'California Girls' songstress wanted the chance to train the aspiring singer and make her into the next American Idol, but Luke and Lionel's decisions thwarted her aspirations.

Katy went into a rage during last night's auditions for American Idol's season 18 after Saveria was kicked out after her audition.

The young English teacher, who hailed from London, Ontario, performed an original song "Tell Me This Is Real" and Katy immediately vouched for her.

However, Lionel and Luke didn't think she had what it takes to be a singer.

Katy told her: "You're a great singer. You are a gymnast singer. You can do cartwheels and backflips and do it all. You have so much potential."

But ultimately, Luke made the final decision and said: "My gut tells me it's a no."

Immediately, Katy stood up and flipped over the other judge's cups, letting out a scream.

She raised her voice: "Y'all are crazy!"

Saveria was shocked, to the say the least, as she stood there with her mouth ajar.

Katy asked the other judges to reconsider their decision and said: "I don't know if you're the next American Idol, but you deserve a ticket to Hollywood, don't make me take my earrings off!"

Still, she was shut down again, which caused Katy to storm off the set.

As Lionel and Luke shook hands with Saveria, Katy was busy destroying the set.

She flipped the lights, took off her earrings, and screamed in the background.

Luke even asked Katy: "Are you really mad?"

This caused Katy to run away barefoot while growling.

She told the cameras: "They need to get their hearing checked."

She even took to Twitter to express her anger towards their decision.

She wrote: "Honestly, this almost made me quit the show because I thought Luke and Lionel had lost their damn minds."

She followed it up by tweeting at Saveria directly: "I still think they were wrong. How bout that!"

And Katy wasn't the only one protesting the other judges' decisions because #JusticeForSaveria started trending on Twitter moments later.

One fan of the show wrote: "I'm going to be honest. Both Lionel and Luke got this wrong! SMH. I heard potential. More than some golden ticket winners from past season!"

Another one tagged all the judges and said: "Luke and Lionel are nuts. She has a beautiful voice. You guys could have told if she can sing a different song.

"I agree 100% with Katy and also a lot of fans agree. She has potential. You guys should reconsider bringing her back!"

While another one commented: "She was a very good vocalist! ok, maybe the arrangement wasn't perfect but she sings better than most that got put through."

Saveria thanked fans and Katy for the support and tweeted out in gratitude.

She wrote: "I can't believe #JusticeForSaveria is trending on American Idol's twitter page. Ya'll are so sweet. I can't believe the amount of love I'm receiving.

"Sending you all my love to you guys too."

Saveria was actually a child star back in Canada and was hoping to restart her career with the show.

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