Amy Hart ‘worries about every little thing as bleed makes her fear for pregnancy

Given that she was told she was heading for an early menopause at the age of 28, it’s no surprise that Amy Hart’s pregnancy has been riddled with anxiety from the start.

Having believed it to be highly unlikely, the former Love Island star was ecstatic to conceive naturally. However, the 30-year-old has also admitted how stressful she’s found the whole thing.

And her fears won’t have been helped by a recent bleed she had during a trip to Spain with her boyfriend, model and entrepreneur Sam Rason, 33.

A source told new: “Amy did have a scare recently but thankfully both she and the baby are completely fine.

"She is in a really good place – chilled, enjoying her pregnancy and doing everything by the book. Amy and Sam are completely delighted to be expecting their first child and can’t wait to be parents.”

Talking about the scare in Spain, the former air hostess revealed she managed to stay calm and, even though she was worried, knew it would probably all be OK.

She said: “I was being very positive and thought it was nothing bad. I’d just been for a cervical exam and thought that’s all it is.”

But the self-confessed “overthinker” admits she has to resist the urge to book constant scans just to check everything’s OK.

As a result of all the worry, our source explained that those close to Amy wish she would give herself a break.

They told us: “This baby has been all she’s wanted for such a long time and she’s so excited to be pregnant, she just needs to try to relax a bit more and enjoy it.”

Amy opened up on Instagram when she was forced to rush home from Spain after she started "bleeding".

She shared: "I started bleeding and I thought I was A+ blood type, and my midwife kept saying it's a good job I am that blood type.

“She said if I was a negative blood type then I would need an Anti-D but go and get checked out on Monday."

Amy later "started to panic” when she found out she had “72 hours” to develop an immune response.

"I'm going to Ibiza tomorrow at four in the morning so I was fit in and had a consultation with the nurse and she said she was going to try and find the heartbeat but wasn't sure she could as I'm only 15 weeks," she continued.

"She couldn't find it after trying but managed to sweet talk someone into giving me a quick scan to check and the baby was all fine. I then had to have a blood test, wait an hour and a half and then have my Anti-D injection so hopefully that's all fine.”


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