Antiques Road Trip star holds his head in hands as Letter Scales make staggering profit

Antiques Road Trip: £60 Dog house sells for only £5

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Charlie and Izzie have become a formidable pair on Antiques Road Trip, travelling up and down the country to try and make a profit from some priceless possessions. For the classic episode of the BBC show, Izzie seemed to have the winning hand as she gained a profit on most of the items she managed to get her hands on. However, her co-star seemed deflated as he discovered just how much profit the Letter Scales had made after she bought them for £15.

After getting their hands on a number of relics, the pair headed to the auction house to find out if they could get even more by selling them on.

Before the auction started, the experts each chose one item they liked from the other one’s trove to talk about.

Charlie chose the Letter Scales and said: “An old fountain pen, but you clever girl, it isn’t just a fountain pen, its scales.

“Letter scales to measure in ounces and at £15 I think there is a profit in them,” he shared but he didn’t know just how much they would go for.

Izzie chose to opt for a Victorian chair her co-star had managed to get his hands on for a mere £20.

“What a gorgeous chair and it’s such good quality and it’s Victorian,” the auctioneer told the camera and she thought this could see Charlie reach new heights.

“It’s got this beautiful, original Rose tapestry… I will have my fingers crossed for Charlie on this one.”

As the chair went up for auction, Charlie asked his co-star: “What do you think it’s worth? Come on, you’re an auctioneer and valuer.”

Unfortunately, she didn’t give him the answer he was looking for as she said she would buy it for the price he paid.

It’s been dreadful

Charlie Ross

It eventually only made a £10 profit as it was sold to a buyer for £30 and although disappointed, Charlie was still happy with making a profit.

Next up was the Letter Scales and he was excited for Izzie as he told her: “All your lot, as far as I can see, have gone in the room rather than online.

“I think all four have been sold to the room, are they all relatives? You just know how to do it, don’t you?”

Going up for auction, the Letter Scales bought for £15 sold for £60, resulting in a £45 profit neither of them saw coming.

“You’re amazing. Do you think some of it will rub off on me?” Charlie asked his co-star as he held his head in his hands, knowing he’d lost the race.

“Well, it’s been really fun, hasn’t it?” Izzie replied but her co-star jointly replied: “No, it’s been dreadful.”

When they left the auction house, Charlie remarked: “Seldom of a man could have had such a thrashing so early in a Road Trip.”

“Well done, you. Profits, profits, profits,” he said before their scores were revealed, with Izzie boosting her original sum of £200 by over £100.

Izzie has been on the show since 2019 and speaking of getting into the career, she explained: “After I finished my degree I had no money, no job and nowhere to live.

“So I did some work experience at the local auction house [and went from there],” she said before going on to talk about her most expensive find.

“An oil painting by a Derbyshire painter called George Turner. These would usually fetch between £3,000 to £7,000, but this one sold for £22,000.”

Discussing the reaction she gets to being an auctioneer, she told Stylist: “I do sometimes get older men presuming that I don’t know anything. It’s just a matter of overcoming their preconceived ideas, winning them round and gaining their confidence.”

Antiques Road Trip is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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