Antiques Roadshow guest blown away by painting’s ‘unbelievable’ value

Antiques Roadshow: Guest stunned at valuation of painting

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Antiques Roadshow took a trip to Scotland in a recent episode of the hit BBC programme. Viewers saw the show visit the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh in a bid to discover some interesting antiques in the area. The episode featured a Scottish football trophy and some rare Russian royal jewels. However, it was a brightly coloured painting that caught the eye of art specialist Grant Ford. The owner of the artwork was left stunned when Grant estimated that it could be garner a four-figure sum.

Sharing his initial thoughts on the painting, Grant remarked: “From the sun-drenched gardens of Edinburgh to the sun-drenched streets of France.

“This vibrant oil on board with beautiful colour is signed lower right ‘D.Bain 46’.

“Of course it’s by the well known Scottish 20th-century artist Donald Bain. Now, what’s its story?” Grant asked.

“Well, I’ve known the painting for just over 20 years,” the owner explained.

She revealed the painting used to hang on the wall in her former office and her employers gifted it to her when she retired.

Amazed by the story, Grant commented: “What a lovely retirement present!”

When asked what she liked most about the painting, the owner said: “I just love the colours and the sky is so nice and blue.

“I don’t know, it’s just summery, it’s bright, it’s cheerful,” she added.

Grant explained that Donald Bain is a well-known artist in Scotland, but a lot of his work was influenced by France.

“He loved Matisse and he loved Cézanne. You can definitely see that Cézanne colour,” the art expert said.

After taking time to thoroughly examine the painting, Grant moved on to the topic of value.

He said: “So, absolutely lovely and in really gorgeous condition. Now, do you have any idea of value?”

“Truthfully, no. My husband thinks it’s worth about £50,” the owner confessed.

Laughing at the honest admission, Grant replied: “That sounds like he doesn’t like this picture.”

“No, he does actually. He has come to like it as it’s been hanging on the wall for a while,” the owner explained.

Sharing his own thoughts on the painting’s worth, Grant said: “I think most people would love to own this Donald Bain and I think it’s a really commercial, vibrant, colourful example by him.

“It’s certainly worth at least £800 to £1,200,” he revealed.

Clearly taken aback by the valuation, the owner exclaimed: “That’s unbelievable!”

“Certainly something to hang on to because I can see it going up,” Grant added.

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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