AOC Blasts Bezos for Thanking Amazon Employees for Paying for Space Trip

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is tearing Jeff Bezos a new one after he thanked Amazon employees and customers for footing the bill for his trip to space.

We got the Congresswoman Tuesday on Capitol Hill, and asked what she made of the richest man in the world giving major props to workers and online consumers for literally paying for his roughly 10-minute rocket voyage this morning.

ICYMI … it was an awkward moment, and one Jeff didn’t seem to realize came off as tone-deaf. There wasn’t much context to his comment, but AOC thinks she has a good idea of what he meant — as she says that’s right up Amazon’s alley (AKA, free rides on the backs of others).

You gotta watch her go off here … it’s beyond scathing, this is downright brutal — calling Bezos out for allegedly overworking employees, busting unions and, of course, avoiding paying taxes via loopholes in the law.

We asked her if there was a silver lining in the fact that Bezos made a $100 million donation to Van Jones and organizations/causes he sees fit — but it sounds like she thinks it’s mostly an empty gesture.

If it’s a choice between the $100M gift and Amazon paying up to benefit the rest of us … the decision is easy in the Representative’s mind.

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