Archie set to be ‘challenged in life’ and left ‘confused’ by Meghan and Harry’s decision

Archie and Lilibet to skip Queen's thanksgiving service

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Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has currently spent more of his life living in America, than in the UK, where he was born. spoke to Inbaal Honigman, Celebrity Psychic and Astrologer about Archie’s star sign and whether his American surroundings will impact his future – or if the stars have greater plans for him as an adult. 

Inbaal said: “Archie Mountbatten-Windsor was born on May 6, 2019 at 5.26am in the Portland Hospital, London. 

“This makes him a Taurean, like his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and like his cousins Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.  

“He isn’t a simple Taurus! In fact, the young royal happens to be a double Taurus. 

“Both his sun sign and his ascendant are Taurus. This means that his Taurean traits are amplified. 

“Taurus is a hard-working, steadfast sign. They love tradition, education and the arts,” Inbaal added. 

“Taureans can focus for a great length of time on one task, and are not easily distracted. 

“They can tell right from wrong and even have a stubborn streak, so that no one can drag them down the wrong path in life. 

“His astrological chart shows his great dedication to an end cause, and he will be a driven young man, but will be prone to bouts of explosive temper. 

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“Natural for a toddler perhaps, but those moments of rage will follow him for life, and will be the bane of his existence, frustrating his parents and future partners.”

The expert continued: “His personality will be patient and tolerant, but his words will let him down. 

“[As a result], he is likely to be caught saying the wrong thing at the wrong moment, and speak out of turn and perhaps harshly, as he has some prominent cheeky Aries placements in his chart. 

“As seventh in line to the throne, he isn’t likely to rule, but being first cousin to the future King, he will be a positive influence and a good example. 

“He will work hard at school and achieve well. 

“His achievements will span both in academic pursuits and the arts. He will excel in drama and music. 

“His moon is in Gemini, which is a sign that loves to entertain.” 

As for his love life, Inbaal suggested: “He will mostly date partners with creative jobs, and is likely to marry an actress, just like his father did! 

“His challenge in life will be geography.

“He will look up to, and identify with the heritage of both his parents, and won’t know where to place himself. 

“He will feel American when he’s in the UK, and British when he’s in the States. 

“His love of travel, owing to Jupiter in Sagittarius, will only serve to confuse him further. “

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