Are YOU a rude customer? Workers call out bad behaviour

Are YOU a rude customer? Workers call out bad behaviour – from a man’s meltdown when his lottery tickets weren’t winners to people using changing rooms as toilets

  • Woman took to British parenting forum Mumsnet after feeling ‘broken’  
  • She received mixed responses as others claimed staff attitudes are the problem
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A woman sparked a debate after saying she thinks that customers are ‘behaving in an increasingly unreasonable, rude and aggressive manner’.  

Taking to the parenting forum Mumsnet, the British woman, who works in Customer Service explained that she is ‘broken’ due to the ‘unreasonable’ behaviour of the public. 

She claimed that she loves her job, but finds that customers are becoming more regularly rude and aggressive, and fellow commenters agreed with one McDonald’s worker describing how they’ve been threatened and sexually assaulted. 

Meanwhile, a convenience store worker said they’d been abused by a customer because his none of his lottery tickets were winners. 

However, others claimed staff attitudes in public- facing roles has ‘really gone downhill’.

A woman sparked a debate on Mumsnet after saying she thinks that customers are ‘behaving in an increasingly unreasonable, rude and aggressive manner’ (stock image)

The original poster explained that she ‘loves my wee job’ but ‘the customers broke me today’

‘So much rudeness, aggressiveness and just general unreasonableness. It seems to be becoming a very regular thing lately. Anyone else? Broken,’ she wrote. 

‘I’m afraid that I absolutely WILL lay it at the feet of the customer when they are criticising me for doing my actual job, and being unreasonable in not accepting that there are store policies, which mean that I can’t just do it their way because that’s not how it works. I will also criticise them when they are just plain rude and aggressive. 

‘None of these have anything to do with genuine customer service, and everything to do with customers who think they know how to do your job and you don’t, and that they can take their bad day out on the retail staff who don’t count as actual people.’ 

Taking to the parenting forum, the British woman, who works in Customer Service explained that she is ‘broken’ due to the ‘unreasonable’ behaviour of some people

From defecating in a changing room to swearing and sexual assaults, people have revealed the worst experiences they’ve had in customer services 

Commenters were quick to agree, ad said things had become worse since the pandemic. 

‘Worked in the same industry for 30 years and definitely an increase in horrible entitled people since COVID,’ one wrote. 

Another added: ‘Customers expect us to bend the laws of physics for them. We must do the impossible while being screamed at and all for near enough minimum wage.

‘I feel like Covid was a real turning point in how customers behave. It’s like everyone forgot their manners after lockdown. 

‘We went from refereeing loo roll fights to being essential workers and now we’re bottom of the pile. I think everyone forgets that we still rocked up at work every day and had customers loom over us coughing in our faces sans mask.’

Others described how they’ve been screamed at and sworn at by customers over things that are completely beyond her control – leaving them wanting to quit 

A fellow commenter described how a colleague had a drink thrown over her because she couldn’t replace it. 

‘We are a franchise and although we are the same brand, we cannot replace from stores not belonging to our franchise,’ she explained.  

Elsewhere, a McDonald’s worker said that while most customers are ‘fantastic’, she’s been sexually assaulted, spat at and verbally abused. 

And a retail worker recalled how someone defecated in a changing room and wiped themselves with the curtain.  

However some people think staff attitudes are the problem saying people are frustrated by terrible customer service. 


However some people think staff attitudes are the problem saying people are frustrated by terrible customer service

One person replied saying: ‘I find it completely the opposite experience. Staff attitudes in public-facing roles has really gone downhill lately, rude, abrupt, abrasive, ignoring you, chatting amongst themselves and then being huffy when you ask for their help. 

‘Someone was so rude to me the other day in a shop that I’d had enough and after I paid for my things I said to them ”I hope a computer replaces you by next year”. 

Another said: ‘I think as a lot of people have said, people are increasingly frustrated by terrible customer service. It seems to be everywhere.

‘You are treated as an inconvenience or treated as though you’re bone achingly stupid for not knowing the rules or procedure in the particular place you’re in, even if it’s not clear or no one has told you.

‘There is little to no excuse for people being rude to you but it is easy to also be ground down from the other side of it.’

While someone else agreed: ‘Unfortunately OP customer service has declined in many areas. 

Others claimed that people are getting even ruder to customer service and retail staff who deal with ‘constant abuse’ 

‘I don’t think there’s a customer service phone line that isn’t experiencing an unusually high volume of calls at the moment, for example. 

‘This is because there’s often not enough staff to do the required workload and the people at the top wan to make sure they get their bonuses and payouts. It means some otherwise polite customers might be a little fed up.

‘There’s no excuse for customers being deliberately mean and unpleasant for the sake of it. 

‘Sometimes I imagine some of the very rude ones go back to their friends cackling about “so I told her! I said (insert totally unnecessary mean comment here)” and then the friends all laugh about how hilarious it is.’

While others think customer service has got worse since Covid which is making people more agitated

Another wore: ‘I do think COVID has made a lot of people forget their people skills.

‘However I also think customer service is at a diabolically low level, I’m sick of paying for pi** poor service by people who can’t be arsed doing their job properly.’

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