Ariana Grandes Vocals In New Video Clips from Wicked Filming Will Blow You Away!

Ariana Grande is really going to blow us all away with her singing in the upcoming Wicked movies!

The almost 30-year-old entertainer is currently filming the two-part movie adaptation of the hit Broadway musical, which is of course based on the novel by Gregory Maguire.

A few weeks ago, videos hit the web from outside the set where you could hear Ariana‘s singing voice in the musical’s opening number “No One Mourns the Wicked.”

Now, new videos have emerged once again, from the same musical number, as well as the second song in the show, “Dear Old Shiz.”

Take a listen inside…

In one of the new videos, which were shared to TikTok of course, we can hear Ariana belting out a high note run at the end of “Dear Old Shiz.”

In other videos, that were from a couple weeks prior, we can hear her belting out once again, but this time, hitting some really high notes towards the end of “No One Mourns the Wicked.”

Check out the videos on TikTok right HERE!

If you missed them, you can see photos of Ariana filming with her co-star Jonathan Bailey.

Did you see which two former Disney stars auditioned for Jonathan‘s role??

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