Asda delivery driver brings dog walker ‘back from the dead’

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Ant Head, 30, wasn’t even supposed to be working on the day he was making his deliveries when he saw a man in difficulty on the street. The Asda worker, who works from the chain’s Newcastle-under-Lyme store in Staffordshire, carried out chest compressions on 47-year-old Rob Colburn until paramedics arrived.

Dad-of-two Rob, who was essentially dead at one point, is now recovering at home.

University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust praised Ant, who sang Nellie the Elephant in his head to get the right rhythm as he carried out CPR for around 10 minutes.

Ant calmly continued with his deliveries after Rob was dashed to hospital, Hull Live reports.

Rob, who has two sons Jamie, 23, and 18-year-old Jack, said: “I am so unbelievably grateful for Ant saving my life and giving me CPR. I’m so thankful. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here today. I’m meeting up with Ant soon to thank him personally for what he did.”

Rob was walking his dog when he got into difficulty in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, last week.

Ant, who has worked at the store for four years, said: “I was just driving in the Longton area and I saw a figure in the road, which turned out to be Rob.

“He looked like he was having a seizure at first, then his breathing became laboured and then non-existent. His lips were going blue and his face purple and I couldn’t find a pulse. It was then that I said to myself ‘this is it’ and started to do CPR while another gentleman, who’d pulled over, called 999.

“They spoke to me over the phone while I did the CPR – I was singing Nellie the Elephant in my head to get the right rhythm.

“I was possibly doing CPR for about five to ten minutes, but it really seemed a lot longer. I was so relieved when the paramedics arrived and then the air ambulance.”

In the meantime, Rob’s wife Nicola had arrived at the scene and Ant was reassuring her that her husband was okay.

The Asda delivery driver, who’s married to Grace and has two children Iris, who’s seven, and two-year-old Charlie, completed his first aid training late last year through the World Jujutsu Federation where he is a coach.

He said: “I just did what anyone with CPR training would have done. I saw someone who needed help and I helped. I do think being trained in first aid is so important and that more people should do it.

“I wasn’t even meant to be at work that day. We were a driver short so I was asked if I could come in which I did. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have been driving down that road – it was fate!”

After finishing his shift, Ant even went to the hospital with food and drink for Nicola in case she needed it.

Rob, who works as a distribution operative for Severn Trent Water, is now recovering well at home. He said: “I was given a five to ten per cent chance of survival so to be here today telling my story is amazing. I have been named the miracle man by my doctor!

“Everyone at Royal Stoke University Hospital who has treated me has provided me with great care and I will be forever thankful.”

University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust posted on Facebook to thank Ant for his quick thinking. In the post, emergency medicine consultant Dr Paul Hancock said: “When Robert arrived in the Emergency Department he was critically unwell. He was essentially dead for a period of time and thanks to the speedy reaction of the delivery driver who gave him CPR he was given the best chance of survival.

“It is incredible really that he walked out of hospital as well as he did and just two weeks after his arrest is really some kind of miracle. It is great to hear how well he is doing.”

Rob’s wife Nicola said: “It’s been so brilliant to witness Rob’s recovery. CPR is so important and we were told the CPR Rob received was first class so it just highlights how important it is to know what to do. Thank you, Anthony and everyone who helped to save Rob.”

Amy Jones, online trading manager at the Asda store, said: “What Ant did that day was just amazing. We are so, so proud of him.

“He did a few deliveries and then he saw Rob collapse, gave him CPR and then carried on with the rest of his deliveries. He saved someone’s life, then continued with his run like it was nothing.

“He is such a lovely person. He is always putting everybody else before himself. He is just a superstar.”

Rob has been nominated for an Asda service superstar award for his actions.

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