Astrologer reveals the wine YOU should have based on your zodiac

The perfect wine for YOUR star sign: Astrologer reveals why ‘bubbly’ Geminis should sip Cava while full-bodied Malbec is perfect for ‘impassioned’ Aries

  • Spanish wine brand Campo Viejo has partnered with astrologer Francesca Oddie
  • Matched best wine choice to zodiac signs – including Cava for ‘bubbly’ Gemini
  • Said Shiraz is a complex red that matches the ‘fluctuating emotions’ of Cancer
  • Added Chardonnary is a ‘classic tipple’ to match Pisces’ ‘easy going vibe 

When it comes to wine, it’s best to leave it to the stars.

Spanish wine brand Campo Viejo has partnered with astrologer Francesca Oddie to unveil the perfect wine choice matched to zodiac signs.  

And you might be surprised to learn that an action-loving Aries will best enjoy their perfect Malbec with an equally ambitious Capricorn partner, while Libras will enjoy sharing a Tempranillo with a refined and delicate Pisces.

Elsewhere, a Gemini might look to share a glass of a bubbly Cava with their perfect match: Virgo; and attention-loving, glamourous Leos will impress seductive Scorpios with a Reserva wine, made with Graciano grapes.

Aquarians are known for their innovative and exceptionally rational nature and their personality match well with nurturing Cancers, a water sign, who are a perfect match to an aromatic Shiraz.  

Not sure how to pick a wine you’ll love? Take a look below…  


March 21 – April 19

Spanish wine brand Campo Viejo partnered with astrologer Francesca Oddie to unveil the perfect wine choice matched to zodiac signs. Pictured, the expert claimed the wine that best matches an Aries is a distinct and intense Malbec due to its ‘deep colour, exuberant juiciness and slight spiciness.’ Pictured, stock image

An Aries is considered to be someone who is impassioned and a strong individual, quick to act on their intuitive feelings and always one step ahead.

‘The planet that rules Aries is Mars, God of War. Usually referred to as ‘the red planet’ Mars is synonymous with speed, action and getting it done, yesterday,’ explained Francesca Oddie.

‘The wine to match this sign needs to have a full-bodied flavour that can be enjoyed alone without a food pairing. A wine that resembles the initiative of Aries. 

It’s only natural that we would select a distinct and intense Malbec for this sign, with its deep colour, exuberant juiciness and slight spiciness.’

She goes on to say that Aries is the most fired up of all the zodiac signs.

‘The heat of the Sun is emblazoned into the Malbec and the intense flavours of the Cafayate Malbec, a distinct medium-bodied wine, perfectly matches with fierce Aries,’ she added.

Surprise match: Capricorn


April 20 – May 20

Taurus is synonymous with luxury, ruled by the planet of love and romance. 

‘Deeply connected with their senses, Taurus loves to live the good life,’ explained the astrologer. ‘Their idea of a perfect evening would involve comfortable surroundings, scented candles, freshly cut flowers, a quality box of chocolates and a smooth glass of red.’

She goes on to say that sometimes Taurus’ could be described as hedonistic because they want to feel good and treat themselves to a wine that sings with fragrance and flavour. 

‘Grenache wines are “luscious, sweet and plush” and match perfectly with an abundant Taurus,’ Francesca added. ‘A fruity and fresh wine, perfect for dinner parties in the spring and a match made in heaven for the loving host, the Taurus. 

‘Incidentally, these grapes can grow in the most hostile of environments and reflect the tenacity of Taurus.’

Surprise match: Sagittarius


Francesca explained that Geminis are described as ‘bubbly’ and ‘chatty’ and so are an obvious match for an effervescent bottle of fizz – such as Cava. Pictured, stock image

May 21 – June 20

‘Gemini is ruled by messenger planet Mercury, the trickster God who rules communication, their wit is faster and sharper than any other,’ explained Francesca.

She added that Gemini are known for their charm as they have a way with words and are masters at conversation.

‘Frequently described as “bubbly” and ‘”chatty,” they move at the speed of light and are an obvious match for an effervescent bottle of fizz,’ explained Francesca. 

‘The Campo Viejo Cava Reserva is a blend of three grape varieties, Macabeu, Xarello and Parellada, a perfect representative for changeable Gemini who loves to do a million things at once.

‘What are we celebrating today? Ask a Gemini and they will find the best excuse to pop a cork and discuss the latest news and gossip known to man.’

Surprise match: Virgo


June 21 – July 22

A Shiraz is a complex red that matches all the fluctuating emotions of Cancer as the moon waxes and wanes throughout the month, according to Francesca. Pictured, stock image

Cancer is *the* sign of the zodiac associated with home, comfort, food and family. 

‘Ruled by the moon, the planet that symbolises our needs and how we feel loved,’ explained the astrologer. ‘Cancer is the archetypal mother figure who nurtures those around her and glows when the people she loves thrive.’

‘Shiraz is a particularly tannic grape (the skins of this grape are slightly thicker than average) so it is widely regarded as one of the more aromatic red wine varieties to drink.’

Francesca added that cancer is the sign of the crab – a soft heart protected inside its crusty outer shell. 

‘Men and women who are passionate about body building to create a strong physique but are real softies at heart often have strong Cancerian energy,’ she explained.

She went on to say that a Shiraz is a complex red that matches all the fluctuating emotions of Cancer as the moon waxes and wanes throughout the month.

Surprise match: Leo


July 23 – August 22

Pictured, stock image

Leo is a generous fire sign and loves to entertain and be entertained, according to the astrologer.

‘Ruled by the Sun, they bring all their energy, dynamism and enthusiasm to every situation and relish being the centre of attention to bring laughter and colour to any situation,’ she explained. ‘Spot the Leo in their colour pop outfit with a splash of animal print.’

She goes on to say that Leo is the sign of joy and celebration.

‘So if socialising is a thing again this summer, we can guarantee that a few bottles of Rosé will feature at the birthday party of every Leo in town,’ added Francesca.  

‘As Jupiter moves into Pisces the sign that rules alcohol, we can expect some magic this summer.’

Surprise match: Scorpio


August 23 – September 22

According to Francesca, the zodiac sign of Virgo is ‘symbolised by the maiden who sorts the wheat from the chaff, her impeccable eye for quality at harvest is key to understanding everything that a Virgo represents.’

She explained that Virgo’s are famous for their discernment, love of simplicity and cleanliness – and so the ideal wine for this star sign would be produced from a grape that has been handpicked for its qualities.

‘Wines produced from Albariño grapes offer just that – characterised by their light bodied freshness and minerality,’ explained the astrologer. 

She continued: ‘Virgo strives for perfection in everything they do and will keep refining their work, diet and lifestyle until they establish what they feel is an ideal routine…ensuring they carve out time to relax and unwind which is an essential part of their routine.’

Surprise match: Gemini


September 23 – October 22

Libra is the sign of the zodiac most concerned with their partners, whether that’s their spouse, lover or business partner, they want to please. 

‘Libra is an air sign, the epitome of a socialite,’ explained Francesca. ‘Ruled by Venus, Libra likes to maintain an easy harmonious atmosphere and will steer conversation away from anything that might split opinions and spill into heated debate.’

‘The sign of Libra is a welcome guest at every dinner party. A wine such as the Tempranillo is easy to pair and perfect for someone as sociable and charming as Libra who is also “easy to pair” and keen to always complement their partner.’

She added: ‘Tempranillo grapes form the backbone of many of Spain’s finest wines, like a Libra, the reliable partner in a relationship.’

Surprise match: Pisces


October 23 – November 21

The deep, dark and seductive Scorpio is synonymous with mystique, hidden depths and a magnetic passion, Francesca explained.

‘Ruled by Pluto and connected to the riches of the underworld Scorpio understands timing and knows to wait for the right moment to act,’ she added. 

‘The decided vintage aged splendidly and consumed with restraint is synonymous with Scorpio and their ability to control their passions unflinchingly without giving away what they are feeling, the ultimate poker face!’

The astrologer went on to say how timing, precision and staying contained is emblematic of Scorpio.

‘They vibe with Graciano variety, an essential component of long living Reservas, that are aged to perfection in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months, procuring the X-factor and natural magnetism of Scorpio,’ she explained.

‘Still water’s run deep’ and the intense depth of Scorpio would be reflected in their perfect wine pairing.’

‘Graciano is known for its high acidity which makes it perfect for ageing, whilst offering great aromatic intensity.’

She went on to say that on the nose you can find loads of spice, black fruits, toffee, a slightly sweet finish – adding that ‘the variety is unique to Rioja, it gives layers of complexity to the blend of Campo Viejo Reserva.’

Surprise match: Aquarius


November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius is the sign connected with travel and exploring new beliefs,’ according to the astrologer.

‘If they cannot physically travel the globe, meet new people and explore they will do it via books, TV shows and writing letters to their many pen friends across the globe,’ she explained.

‘Ruled by Jupiter, king of the Gods, Sagittarius is the luckiest sign of the zodiac and the people they meet open doors for them.’

‘They could be introduced to a lesser-known wine, food or exotic perfume that is a fantastic bargain, or very hard to get hold of, but available to them.’

She went on to say that Sagittarius is privy to opportunities that are unavailable to most of us because their lucky streak means doors are opened for them that are not accessible to everyone.

‘White Rioja are somewhat of a rarity in Spain, forming less than 10% of the grapes grown there, an exotic speciality for Sagittarius to seek out,’ she added. 

Surprise match: Pisces


December 22 – January 19

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is the sign most associated with age, Francesca says.

‘A reserved sign who keeps their eyes focused on the goal; Capricorn goats play the long game,’ she explained. 

‘Whilst many of us spend their youth partying and having fun, Capricorn is putting in extra hours at work. They know where they want to go (to the top!) and nothing will get in their way. When they reach the top (and they will) they are finally at liberty to enjoy the view and their secure status.’

The astrologer when on to say that while Capricorn is often considered to be a serious sign, they understand that hard work gets results. 

‘Capricorn has an end in mind and when they reach their mark, they will be the first to celebrate and enjoy everything they have achieved,’ she added. 

‘It’s all in the timing’ and a patient approach plays a fundamental role in the development of Gran Reserva wines, where Mazuelo contributes with tannins and high acidity. 

‘The mountain goat would enjoy a quality wine and the Campo Viejo Gran Reserva, one of the longest living wines in the region, earns its status because it is aged in an oak cask for at least two years prior to sale.’

Surprise match: Aquarius


January 20 – February 18

‘Sauvignon Blanc grapes produced in the “New World” have a remarkably sharp flavour that is a clear characteristic of sharp minded Aquarians,’ Francesca explained. Pictured, stock image

‘Everyone seems to be talking about The Age of Aquarius at the moment, but what is it and how does it relate to you?’ asks Francesca. 

‘Whilst the new age may or may not be here, what everyone is referring to is the rise of Aquarian ideals; equality, free speech, independence, radical ideas, boosted communities and improved communication.’

She went on to say that Aquarius ‘rules air travel and technology that pushes boundaries’ – and is here to replace old and outdated structures with new ways of living.

‘In astrology every country is ruled by a sign of the Zodiac, Australia day is the 26th of January and the land “down under” is an Aquarius country that does things differently and is ahead of its time,’ she explained.

‘New world’ wines are an Aquarius phenomenon – at first the concept of growing old world grapes such as Sauvignon Blanc seemed crazy but now, they are the epitome of forward thinking, creating exciting flavours via a front running trend.  

‘Sauvignon Blanc grapes produced in the “New World” have a remarkably sharp flavour that is a clear characteristic of sharp minded Aquarians.’

Surprise match: Cancer


February 19 – March 20

The astrologer explained that Chardonnay is a ‘classic tipple’ to match Pisces ‘easy going vibe.’ Pictured, stock image

According to the astrologer, ‘Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and is the sign that rules all alcohol! 

‘Why? Pisces is sometimes said to be a sign that embodies every other sign of the zodiac, the artist, dreamer and creative who understands everyone and conveys their feelings via music, art and images that we can all connect to.’

She went on to explain that Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the God who ruled the sea. 

‘Chardonnay grapes tend to grow very well in limestone soil,’ added Francesca. ‘Limestone is primarily the remains of sea-life that accumulated over centuries and so the Chardonnay grape is intrinsically linked to our watery depths.’

She adds that Chardonnary is a ‘classic tipple’ to match Pisces ‘easy going vibe.’

‘Described as being super adaptable it brings to the fore the climate and winemaking method used and is as convivial and easy going as Pisces themselves,’ Francesca continued. 

‘As lucky Jupiter moves into Pisces, the sign that rules alcohol, we can hope for some magical wine soaked afternoons this summer. But you might need to bring your brolly!’

Surprise match: Aries

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