Aunt Bessie’s shares sweet Yorkshire pudding recipes and Brits are baffled

Everyone loves a good Yorkshire Pudding with their Sunday roast.

However, what would you say if we said you'd be having it for dessert, rather than for dinner?

Well iconic Yorkshire Pudding brand Aunt Bessie's have been doing just that by sharing sweet Yorkshire Pudding recipes.

These include a recipe for Yorkshire Pudding Egg Custard and Yorkshire Pudding 'Chocolate Profiteroles'.

The Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney is known for enjoying hot golden syrup-topped Yorkshire puddings for dessert. However, would you do the same?

The food debate has been sparked online as Aunt Bessie's shared photos of sweet Yorkshire puds on it's Instagram page.

Some were in favour – as one suggested it be filled with sugar, jam, cream or custard.

While another wanted strawberries and fresh cream in theirs.

However, another foodie called sweet Yorkshires "disgusting", as another exclaimed: "Eww, no!"

Katie Lewis, Assistant Product Development Manager at Aunt Bessie’s, said: “A lot of people are unaware that Yorkshire Puddings have the same ingredients as pancakes, making them just as versatile for a sweet or savoury treat.

"We want to encourage the curiosities of Yorkshire Pudding fans and we’re excited to see what creations they come up with.”

Meanwhile if you want to try making your own Yorkshire pudding, a foodie has shared a milk hack which is said to give the "perfect rise".

The man shared on Reddit: “I made the Yorkshire batter by whisking 70g of plain flour with 2 eggs using a fork, then I added 100ml of oat milk (only milk I had) and whisked aggressively, then I added some salt and pepper.

“Put the Yorkshire tray in the oven with some vegetable oil (didn't have sunflower)."

Yorkshire Pudding Egg Custard recipe


  • 250ml double cream
  • 250 ml milk
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 15g cornflour
  • Nutmeg for dusting
  • Aunt Bessie Golden Yorkshire pudding


  1. In a medium saucepan add the milk, sugar, and vanilla extract
  2. In a small bowl combine the egg yolks and cornflour and mix with a whisk until it becomes a smooth paste
  3. Heat the milk mixture and cream, on medium heat, until it gets hot and the sugar dissolves. Don't let it get too hot, not scalding or boiling
  4. Take the pot off the stovetop and pour a few tablespoons of it into the bowl of egg yolks. Stir the egg yolks quickly, this will help prevent them from cooking. Then pour in a little bit more and keep stirring, etc. until half of the sugar milk has been incorporated. Replace the pot back on the stovetop
  5. Pour in the egg/milk mixture into the pot and stir until it is all combined. Keep heating and stirring until it thickens up and comes to a rolling boil. This process will cook the eggs and give a nice thick pudding type consistency
  6. Pour into the cooked Yorkshire pudding and dust with nutmeg and chill to set
  7. Serve and enjoy

Source: Aunt Bessie's

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They added: “Once the Yorkshire’s oil was hot I removed it and poured the batter in and put the Yorkshire’s in and timed 20 mins.

“It's really important you don't open the oven until the Yorkshires are finished.”

He added: “I also used oat milk instead of regular milk because it was the only milk I had, I don't know if that made a difference.”

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