Bachelor Fans Are Accusing Hannah Ann of Faking a Southern Accent

Hometown dates just went down on The Bachelor, and they kicked off with Peter’s simply iconic visit to Hannah Ann’s home in Knoxville, Tennessee. Obviously, the most memorable parts of this date were a) Peter being truly terrible at throwing an ax, and b) Hannah Ann’s dad Ranger Rick being completely not here for it, but um. Apparently Hannah Ann’s accent is causing speculation among Bachelor fans.

Some members of Bach Nation seem to think Hannah Ann was faking a Southern accent during her Hometown Date, and honestly I have no words so I’m just gonna let the tweets speak for themselves:

So Hannah Ann somehow developed a southern accent during hometowns….something smells fishy #BachelorNation #TheBachelor

Has Hannah Ann’s southern accent become more intense in this episode? #TheBachelor

Is it just me or does Hannah Ann’s accent only come out when she’s trying to flirt with Peter? Krystal 2.0…. #TheBachelor

there’s literally like 3 episodes left and all of the sudden Hannah Ann has a southern accent? seems fishy #TheBachelor

Why is Hannah Ann doing a fake country accent on the bachelor rn??? Literally can’t stand anything the girl does Hahahaha

Hannah Ann has never had an accent this entire season and now that she’s home she’s going to pull out this fake ass southern draw 😒…. #bachelorabc #BachelorNation

….. does Hannah Ann all of a sudden have an accent during her hometown date??? #TheBachelor

Hannah Ann fakes her accent spread the word tell your friends #TheBachelor

no one:
not a soul:
hannah ann’s new southern accent:#TheBachelor

So Hannah Ann developed a country accent this episode? #Bachelor

no one:
not a soul:
hannah ann’s new southern accent: #THEBACHELOR

Since when does Hannah Ann have a southern accent? Did I miss something? Lol #TheBachelor

when did Hannah Ann get an accent…? #TheBachelor

Did Hannah Ann just vip a southern accent out of now where? Either we haven’t heard her speak all season or she hasn’t had this accent until now. #thebachelor

Hannah Ann you didn’t have a southern accent all season… what.. #thebachelor

….Hannah Ann has not had this southern accent until now. #TheBachelor

Wow, okay! To be fair on Hannah Ann, anyone who comes from a region with a strong accent knows that said accent can kick in when you go home. But because at this point I’m assuming all you want is a clip of Hannah Ann speaking, here ya go:

P.S. If you’re in the mood for spoilers, head this way to find out if Hannah Ann makes it to Peter’s final two, and while you’re at it brush up on the (unconfirmed!) Venmo conspiracy theory that she wins his entire season.

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