Bad Girls star and Gillian Taylforth's sister researched taking her own life

Gillian Taylforth’s sister – former Bad Girls star Kim Taylforth – has opened up about researching taking her own life after being left paralysed.

Kim, best known for playing downtrodden Marilyn Fenner in the ITV prison drama, was diagnosed with transverse myelitis after collapsing at home in August 2017.

It’s a rare condition which leads to paralysis and incontinence and Kim found things so difficult that she looked into Dignitas as a potential means of ending her life.

The former police officer had to go through strenuous rehabilitation to be able to walk again and the situation had a devastating impact on her mental health.

She told FEMAIL: ‘The effect on my mental health was so serious that I became chronically depressed.

‘I started planning to take my own life, even researching Dignitas.’

Discussing the moment of her frightening collapse, she explained: ‘I was loading the dishwasher and my legs felt funny and numb and suddenly I fell to the floor.

‘I lay there paralysed from the waist down. Thankfully my son was in the house so he helped me onto a chair and I sat there with my legs up assuming I’d pinched a nerve in my back.

‘Doctors did test after test, baffled as to what had caused this. Eventually the neurologist said there was nothing on my spine that needed surgery, and then after two long weeks I was diagnosed with an extremely rare condition called transverse myelitis.’

The condition left her not knowing if she’d ever walk again and she also lost control of her bladder.

As a former police officer, she got access to a rehabilitation unit and after a long and gruelling effort, she has slowly regained the ability to walk, sometimes now without a stick.

More recently, she underwent treatment on The Emsella Chair, which works by generating electromagnetic fields from a coil positioned in the seat.

Kim went on to say that the sessions she had in June were successful and her incontinence is cured.

Now, she describes herself as a ‘new woman’.

She enthused: ‘The results were apparent within the first week of treatment and have continued to improve since. 

‘And now the incontinence has been cured and my life has been totally transformed.

‘Words can’t describe how much more positive and confident I feel, so much so that I’ve just got an acting part to play the fairy godmother in a panto in December, something I never would have dreamed possible before my treatment.’

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