BBC Breakfast’s Louise Minchin ‘annoyed’ at Dan Walker for hiding Strictly news

Louise Minchin has admitted she is "annoyed" at her BBC Breakfast co-host for keeping quiet about his Strictly Come Dancing stint.

It was announced on the morning programme on Tuesday that Dan Walker would be exchanging the red sofa for the dance floor, and would be the eighth star to join the Strictly line-up.

But co-host Louise, meanwhile, was kept in the dark about his huge news – despite burgeoning rumours that she herself would be appearing on the show.

Speaking on the show, Louise gushed: "I don’t believe it, Mr Walker! Oh wow!"

But admitting she was "annoyed" at her co-star, Louise continued: "What I’m really annoyed about is that nobody told me anything. Dan, I should have guessed that you’ve been away and not here, I can’t believe it!"

A red-faced Dan apologised to Louise for his deception, explaining: "Sorry about that, Louise, I’ve been busy with the Olympics."

And it seems like Louise isn’t the only one who has Dan in her bad books, as the former Football Focus host said: "You know what it’s like, you have to keep everything a big secret when it comes to this programme. I only actually told my kids last weekend so they’re not very happy with me either.

"Hardly anyone has been in the circle. I’m very sorry, I was told it would make good telly if we didn’t tell you Louise."

Louise was clearly fuming, as she continued: "Well, it doesn’t make good telly that I’m shocked, I’m annoyed you didn’t tell me."

Dan said: "Well, Louise, you’re leaving the programme so I need to find some new excitement in my life! I’m sorry, I’m very sorry Louise."

Clearly incredulous, Louise responded: "I’m annoyed that you didn’t tell me, and the boss. I’m never going to trust anyone again."

Louise’s temporary co-host Jon Kay cheekily chimed in: "You two weren’t meant to have secrets, it’s a disgrace."

And Dan quickly interrupted: "I hope this won’t affect our friendship Louise!"

Louise grumbled: "The jury’s out."

Dan is a little nervous about embarrassing his family while taking to the Strictly stage, admitting: "We've sat on that sofa the last year and dealt with some horrible stories, it would be nice for my kids to watch something that's not so much life and death.

"My children sat me down and said we'd really like you to do some TV that we'd like to watch.

"This is something they'd love to watch and hopefully I won't embarrass them too much."

BBC Breakfast airs from 6am every day on BBC One.

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