BBC Breakfast's Louise Minchin explains why she's not on the show today with photo of her foot in a cast

BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin has revealed her recent absence from the show is due to an injury that has her in a cast.

Taking to social media last night, the journalist shared a photo from home of her bandaged leg popped up by pillows on her sofa.

Unable to present her regular slot alongside Dan Walker, the 52-year-old explained on Twitter that she was taking a break as she was 'immobile'.

While she didn't explain exactly what happened, she said it was necessary to rest it during her extended time off.

"If you've been wondering what I am up to, I am having a break, to get my foot fixed," she tweeted beneath the snap. "When I am a bit more mobile, as Arnie says, I will be back!!"

Fans flooded the comments with words of support, wishing Louise a speedy recovery – including co-host Dan, who joked he may have to 'carry her bags' from now.

"Rest up partner," he wrote. "See you when you're ready. Does this mean I have to carry your bags?" Louise replied: "Deffo!"

Louise returned to social media this year after taking a break from Twitter and Facebook following targeting from trolls last December.

The presenter said she was tired of cruel viewers constantly criticising her, and explained her online departure was a 'long time coming'.

She made a comeback while coming to the forefront of national TV during the coronavirus pandemic, continuing to present daily.

Keeping calm through the frequent panic, Louise attributed her healthy lifestyle and love of triathlons in helping her to break bad news.

"Tough [triathlon] training sessions have become the crunchy I rely on to do my job," she told Women's Health magazine last month. "Those brutal early starts are followed by three hours on air.

"I have to concentrate incredibly hard to make sure I don't say anything inaccurate. I love it, but it can be mentally exhausting.

"There is a memory I call to mind when I need to slow down. I was doing a triathlon around the Liverpool docks and the atmosphere was stressful. But when I looked down at the view below, it was so calm and peaceful.

"Now, whenever I feel nervous about a breaking news story, I close my eyes and think of that moment.

"That's where my mind went when I heard the news, through a headset, that the Prime Minister had been hospitalised with Covid-19."

Louise is currently being replaced by Sally Nugent, who began co-presenting BBC Breakfast when regular hosts were unavailable.

There is currently no set date for Louise's return to the morning show.

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