Ben Shephard infuriates Tipping Point fans with ‘irritating’ habit: ‘What’s the point?’

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Tipping Point airs every weekday on ITV with broadcaster favourite Ben Shephard guiding four players through to try and take home a substantial amount of cash. But fans were left commenting on social media after one moment in today’s programme, as they noticed how Ben had continued to read questions despite running out of time – claiming there was “no need” for him to do so. 

Today’s players were back for Friday’s instalment of Tipping Point, with Ben at the helm once more. 

But after player Brett’s 30-second quick-fire round later on in the programme, fans were left distracted by something the host had done shortly afterwards.

Ben continued to read out the final question despite the alarm already having sounded to signal the end of the round. 

“Which children’s TV series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson features a villain called The Hood?” he asked the contestant. 

However, the klaxon had sounded midway through the question, with those at home wondering why he had bothered to continue reading.

But Brett admitted he didn’t know the answer, with Ben telling him: “Thunderbirds, it’s Thunderbirds.”

The contestant had managed to pick up a respectable three counters, which he could use to get more potential winnings out of the machine.

Ben told the player: “Three correct there, you just interrupted me on the football question which I knew you were desperate to get in.

“In the 2014 semi-final, which team lost 7-1 to the eventual champions Germany?” repeated the star.

“You were absolutely right with Brazil,” he told Brett – which he would have already known due to having the answer accepted moments earlier.

After the round, fans took to Twitter to comment on Ben’s actions, leading them to question what he was doing. 

One wrote: “Hate when Ben feels the need to finish the question at the end no ones gives AF #tippingpoint.”

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Another replied: “And he gets them to answer! What’s the point!”

“He doesn’t care Ben. Nor do we! #tippingpoint,” commented a third viewer. 

Another shared: “Someone needs to let him know that.”

The player managed to make it through to the head-to-head playing against his opponent Dai for the opportunity to win today’s jackpot.

But unfortunately, he was knocked out and Dai went through with £1,800 to play for. 

Meanwhile, Ben has revealed how the show has had to adapt and change due to the current coronavirus situation.

Last week, the host featured on Lorraine, telling fans: “As you know, we have to make some big changes.

“Usually all the contestants are in rows along the front row here, but that’s had to change because we’ve had to social distance, so now we’ve invented these two new positions,” he said, as the camera showed-off to two staggered panels.

Tipping Point airs weekdays from 4pm on ITV.

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