Best Medicine Balls 2020 | The Sun UK

IN RECENT years, medicine balls have become favourites for workouts, whether you're looking to improve strength, coordination or power.

The best medicine balls are a handy piece of home gym kit, too – they take up hardly any space, can be used for a variety of workouts, and rapidly raise your heart rate to help burn fat and build muscle.

Studies have found that integrating a medicine ball into your workout regime can more effectively improve throwing than simple strength training. Medicine balls can also shake up a workout routine you're starting to tire of.

Medicine balls come in a range of styles and weights, so you'll easily find one to suit your workout needs.

The most common medicine balls you're likely to see are rubber-coated; these can be used in rolling exercises or for an additional load in squats, lunges, balance exercises and more.

Some medicine balls are designed for throwing: known as slam balls, you usually exercise with these by holding one overhead, throwing it in front of you and catching it on the rebound, providing a cardio and full-body workout in the process.

You'll also find medicine balls with handles – not suitable for throwing but great for lifting – and wall balls for Crossfit aficionados. These typically have a sewn exterior and work well for exercises where you're using a ball to rebound.

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