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MEN owe a lot of love to shirts, because the perfect one can elevate you to new levels of dapper sophistication.

From clean-cut corporate numbers to casual flannel or denim, there are so many styles to choose from.

All year round, shirts never leave your wardrobe – summer BBQs are for loose linen versions, cosy corduroy is made for winter and suit shirts are a defining component of workwear.

Actor-come-style-icon Jeff Goldblum is always rocking edgy prints and patterns – with his Prada flame moment our personal fave. Then there are all the red carpet events brimming with endless suave shirt inspo, like Timothee Chalamet's smart casual get up at the BFI Film Festival in 2017.

Shirts are great for tough days at work and other moments when you're expected to look super immaculate, but they can be playful and carefree too. So, with designers like Gucci and Prada championing the more-is-more aesthetic alongside those timeless, minimalist white numbers, it can be hard to decipher what kind of shirt to invest in.

Whatever the dress code, we’ve got you covered. We've compiled a list of best-sellers, bargains and generally beautiful shirts available now.

1. Best flannel shirt: Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Vintage Red Check Flannel Shirt

  • Urban Renewal Vintage Red Check Flannel Shirt, now £16 from Urban Outfitters – buy here

This bold-coloured design by Urban Outfitters proves flannel shirts aren’t just for lumberjacks and farmers.

As part of the upcycled Urban Renewal Vintage range, each shirt is unique (and sustainable!).

Wear it undone with a plain white T-shirt for a relaxed aesthetic, or over a black roll neck jumper in winter.

2. Best Non-Iron Shirt: Uniqlo Super Non-Iron Slim Fit Shirt

  • Super Non-Iron Slim Fit Shirt, £24.90 from Uniqlo – buy here

Uniqlo isn’t just the place for basic staples, you can grab great quality workwear there too.

Every busy man’s dream, this white cotton shirt has been engineered with wrinkle-resistant processing to ensure you always look immaculate for meetings. Yep, that’s right, you don’t even have to iron it!

Crisp, clean and super smart, it’s cut in a slim shape so that it’s super easy to tuck into trousers.

Also available in black and blue; buy all three for easy weekday rotations.

3. Best short-sleeved shirt: M&S Pure Cotton Checked Shirt

  • Pure Cotton Checked Shirt, £19.50 from M&S – buy here

Short-sleeved shirts are popular too: this M&S one sports a fashionable checked weave.

The lightweight cotton and yellow shade make it perfect for warmer weather.

Plus, with a button-down collar, you’ll always stay looking neat and tidy.

It also comes in red and blue, but this versatile shade looks great with beige chinos and some shiny leather brogues for a boujee dinner date.

4. Best corduroy shirt: Mango Regular Fit Micro Corduroy Shirt

  • Regular fit micro corduroy shirt, now £22.99 from Mango – buy here

For an always popular denim alternative – it has to be corduroy.

Mango has perfected this stylish must-have shirt in a beautiful dark navy cord.

With a classic collar, buttoned cuffs and patch pocket on the chest, it's part of the brand's Committed range, which is produced using sustainable fibres or processes to reduce their environmental impact.

You might want to size up for a baggy, relaxed 90s vibe as this cotton shirt is cut in a regular fit.

5. Best white shirt: Next Signature Textured Shirt With Trim Detail

  • Signature Textured Shirt With Trim Detail, £32 from Next – buy here

Dress code black tie? Next to the rescue with a trusty white shirt.

This fresh number is made from a premium cotton with a higher thread count (a.k.a it’s really soft). The small collar and slim fit nod to the season's minimalist trend.

White shirts are a versatile blank canvas for any tie you like, whether you want to make a statement in a loud suit and tie or simply team it with black trousers for work.

6. Best Striped Shirt: Zara Striped Cotton/Linen Blend Shirt

  • Striped Cotton/Linen Blend Shirt, £29.99 from Zara – buy here

Casual shirts are always a useful go-to and Zara haven’t disappointed with this striped gem.

Made from a summery linen and cotton blend, this relaxed shirt is soft and comfortable, while the green and white stripes make a stylish statement.

Swap blue jeans for black skinnies to take this shirt from daytime to dinner date.

7. Best denim shirt: River Island Blue RR Muscle Fit Long Sleeve Denim Shirt

  • Blue RR muscle fit long sleeve denim shirt, £32 from River Island – buy here

River Island has come through with this blue wash denim shirt – it’s the timeless staple that never seems to go out of fashion.

From the subtle RR embroidered chest logo to the stretchy cotton, this denim shirt is a win all over.

Wear this with jeans for a Calvin Klein-inspired double denim winner, or undone with a T-shirt of your choice underneath. Versatile.

8. Best floral shirt: Next Floral Print Trim Detail Shirt

  • Floral Print Trim Detail Shirt, £32 from Next – buy here

Move over Gucci, Next is leading the way with this floral shirt.

Cut in a slim fit, this cotton shirt has a soft and elegant watercolour print.

Worldwide heartthrob Harry Styles religiously sports floral numbers and we’re obsessed with them. More is definitely more in this case.

9. Best branded shirt: Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Poplin Shirt

  • Slim Fit Poplin Shirt, £89 from Ralph Lauren – buy here

This list would be incomplete without a reliable Ralph Lauren feature.

You can’t go wrong with a shirt adorned with that iconic RL logo.

This navy blue cotton classic has a baggy, sport-inspired cut, combined with a classic collar and a curved hem to create an oversized aesthetic.

Whether you want to rock it with dad jeans in the daytime or with chinos in the evening, a Ralph Lauren shirt is always an investment and sure to become a vintage pearl in your wardrobe.

How to iron a shirt

It's the million-pound question: get it right, and your morning routine will be effortlessly smooth (like your shirt).

Start by making sure you've selected the appropriate heat setting for your fabric type, as indicated on your iron. Ironing your shirt while it's damp is the easiest way to remove creases; use a spray bottle if it's already dry. Always begin by ironing the collar, and then move onto the cuffs. For both of these steps, be sure to iron from the edges towards the middle to avoid creases. Next, tackle the sleeves. You may want to avoid creating a centre crease by making sure not to iron right up to the edge. Flip the sleeve over, repeat and then do the same for the second sleeve.

Sleeves done, it's time to iron the back of the shirt (if there are pleats, iron under them first), the shoulders (by manoeuvring the ironing board inside the sleeve) and finally the front and placket – taking care around the buttons.

If you need a visual, head over to Youtube and watch a tutorial – it should make it much easier to follow these steps.

What is an Oxford shirt?

An Oxford shirt specifically refers to the Oxford cloth, which was created in Scottish Fabric mills – it typically has a heavier and more rigid form compared to other fabrics. Broadly speaking, other characteristics of this type of shirt include a button down-style collar and a basketweave pattern as opposed to the herringbone weave of dress shirts.

How many work shirts do I need?

Having a strong selection you can wear on rotation is a must: we'd recommend one for every day of the working week, as well as lighter options for summer wear.

How to remove sweat stains from work shirts

Stubborn sweats stains and deodorant marks are pretty much inevitable when wearing shirts, so it's a good idea to have some products on hand to quickly take care of the problem – especially before resorting to heavy chemical cleaners.

You could try soaking your shirt in white vinegar before popping it into the washing machine which works a treat for us, while others swear by dissolving two aspirin tablets in half a mugful of water, applying to the affected area and letting it get to work for a few hours.

A vodka and water spray is also said to be effective, as well as a mix of lemon and water which can be dried in the sun. Try some of these out before buying a product specifically for stains, which can be more expensive.

How do non-iron shirts work?

Non-iron technology is a chemical treatment, where shirts are saturated in a mix containing a carcinogenic called formaldehyde, which bonds the strands of cotton fibers together. Unsurprisingly, it's not particularly environmentally friendly and can irritate the skin.

If you're after something chemical-free, look out for non-iron fabric which is simply made from 100% two-ply cotton and stays wrinkle-free for longer thanks to the stiffness of the fabric.

How do I pick a casual shirt?

The first step to finding the perfect shirt for you is getting the fit right.

Know your size and measurements, and always try before you buy if in store – don't be shy!

Pick a durable and high-quality material so that your favourite shirts last a lifetime.

Most importantly, dress for yourself. Style is a personal choice, so whether you like bright, classic, slim fit, baggy, long sleeve, short sleeve, or with mother of pearl buttons- it's up to you! Keep reading for stylish suggestions.

Which brand is the best for formal shirts?

If you are looking for the best formal occasions shirts and are keen to get that high-end label attached to it, check out Hawes & Curtis, Charles Tyrwhitt,  T.M.Lewin and Peter England brands.

A number of high street shops also offer a great selection of men's shirts including Oxford shirts, so don't forget to shop around before you make your purchase.

Who makes the best white shirts?

White men's shirts are always going to stay a classic and a wardrobe staple.

They can be worn to work but also to more casual nights out.

If you're looking for who makes the best white shirts, check out Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger brands.

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