Bianca Gascoigne moves in with Kris Boyson days after ex Katie Price’s psychic claimed he wasn’t ‘over her’ – The Sun

BIANCA Gascoigne has moved in with Kris Boyson days after his ex Katie Price revealed her psychic said he wasn't "over her".

Bianca, 33, and Kris, 30, have stepped up their relationship after Katie, 42, suggested there could still be a spark between them.

Katie suggested her two-year romance with Kris may not be over when she shared the results of her psychic reading.

That didn't stop Bianca going full steam ahead today and she was spotted moving her belongings out of her house, before going to live with new man Kris.

Bianca showed off her toned figure in tight black leggings and a top, with her long blonde hair freshly blow dried into gorgeous waves.

She has fallen for Katie's ex, but Katie thinks her romance may not be dead in the water after all – according to the star's personal psychic.

Tracey Mystic Woolerton, known as Psychic Tracey professionally, has claimed one of the star's exes is still "very much" not over her, and is "trying to keep his foot in the door".

While this could potentially relate to any of Katie's high-profile former lovers, the clues to his identity were revealed when Tracey said Katie had dated him for two years, he is in a new relationship and the person whom he is dating now with begins with the letter "B" – potentially referring to model Bianca.

This, according to the mum of five, was a hugely accurate portrayal of Kris' behaviour, as she gushed: "Can't believe how spot on with the things she says."

Katie added: "Exciting times coming and again everything true on point."

Psychic Tracey told fans she was sharing the specific details of Katie's reading after permission from the businesswoman and former glamour model.

In her Instagram Stories, she wrote: "Just had a fantastic reading with Katie Price today, she has given me permission because everything I've said to her today in her reading is accurate.

"This is what I told her – her ex of two years appears to be dating someone else, is still very much not over me [her], when he's also trying to keep his foot in the door and he's also very much not over Katie, and needs to make the decision – Katie, or the initial I see is B."

Kris began dating Bianca, who is troubled football legend Paul Gascoigne's step daughter, while Katie was in rehab.

The pair have often been spotted in lockdown sporting matching fitness gear and frolicking around in the park.

Tracey's words may come as somewhat of a surprise to the fitness fan who appears smitten with his new love.

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