Big Brother icon Chantelle Houghton quits showbiz to become Body Shop consultant

Chantelle Houghton has revealed she'd picked up a normal job, away from show business, after getting "so bored" during lockdown.

The Celebrity Big Brother babe took to Instagram and revealed to her 31,900 followers that she had become a Body Shop consultant.

The 37-year-old told her fans that she's excited about her new chapter, which will give her something else to focus on rather than just homeschooling her daughter Dolly, eight, who she shares with her ex Alex Reid.

Chantelle said: "Hey, I am pleased to announce I'm working with Body Shop At Home as a Body Shop consultant!

"I've loved the Body Shop for years. I remember being eight years old in the Body Shop with my mum trying on the makeup and spraying on all the stuff.

"I was vegetarian when I was about seven and became vegan in the last five years.

"Lockdown, work, you can't get out of your house. I've just been so bored!"

Speaking to Suzie Palmer, senior regional manager of Body Shop, during an Instagram Q&A, Chantelle opened up more about her decision.

"I was sitting at home the other day and thought I just really want to do something that I can focus on instead of just homeschooling," she said.

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"The whole mental health thing… you need to be focused on something. I want to earn money, who doesn't want to earn money? Let's be honest."

The former reality star went on to encourage other mothers to get involved, saying it was giving her "purpose" – and rebuilding her confidence.

She went on: "Especially when you're a new-time mum, or with a second baby or third baby, you sort of lose your identity.

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"When you join something like this, it gives you a purpose and it's so easy.

"When you do something for yourself, with most businesses you can't get your friends or family involved, but with this, you can be really passionate and get others to be passionate about it as well."

She added: "It's such a drive. I lost a lot of confidence years ago but even in the last couple of weeks, I just feel like I wake up in the morning and I've got some sort of focus rather than just being a stay-at-home mum, which I am right now."

Chantelle, who was not in showbiz before finding fame on Celebrity Big Brother, finished: "With this whole pandemic, work isn't really there, you can't do your daily job, so it's just nice to see other people doing really well.

"The motivation I've felt from being around people at Body Shop at Home, you feel like you're in it together."

After becoming a celebrity, thanks to Big Brother, Chantelle went on to enjoy a career in showbiz, becoming a glamour model, author and, of course, reality star.

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