Big Brother Recap: Alliances Crack As the First Female Gets the Boot

Big Brother’s latest season has kept the women safe during the first three evictions.

It’s quite the change of pace from last year, which saw Keesha Smith, Nicole Anthony, and Janelle Pierzina as the first three boots.

Season 23 has already evicted Travis, Frenchie, and Brent, so it was inevitable the target would shift to one of the female houseguests.

After the latest Veto meeting, Hannah and Whitney were still on the block, and we started to get some reasons why Whitney was the target.

Tiffany felt like Hannah would benefit her game down the line, and given that this is Tiffany’s game and everyone is just living in it, Tiffany wanted to get what she wanted.

Azah was quick to point out that she didn’t trust Hannah, but this coming from someone who wanted to evict someone for getting close to another houseguest made it a bit tough to believe.

It was immediately obvious that neither Hannah nor Whitney campaigned much. Hannah knew she was safe thanks to her close association with Derek X, and Whitney was the target.

Whitney was the last piece of the Frenchie puzzle, and everyone wanted her gone because she was an easy pick. Christian and Alyssa would have been wise to keep her for a week they were not in power. She’s a target!

Whitney knew the jig was up, so she turned to Alyssa to complain that Hannah said Christian was a good person to be around because he is easily manipulated.

This did NOT sit well with Alyssa. She quickly told her boyfriend, who started to wonder whether Hannah should be sent packing. The issue is, Tiffany controls the vote because everyone will do as she says.

Tiffany also felt it would be a good idea for the six members of the Cookout to align with someone not in the alliance, so they would be perceived as a duo, and if they get put on the block, the Cookout will vote out the other person. 

It’s a surprisingly slick plan, but these plans tend to fall apart.

When we got to the eviction, it was a unanimous vote against Whitney.

Julie quickly told Whitney about the Cookout alliance, and while she claimed she wasn’t mad about it, you could tell she felt a little bit betrayed.

When we returned to the house, the houseguests thought it was a double eviction, but nope, it was the first endurance competition of the summer.

This did not play out on the show, but Julie revealed a new competition would arrive on the game next week and viewers would heavily influence it.

Big Brother continues Sunday on CBS.

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