'Black Ink Crew': Ceaser Emanuel Addresses His 'Habit' of Firing People

Reality TV star and shop owner Ceaser Emanuel has developed a reputation for frequently firing his employees. He recently addressed his “habit” of firing people from Black Ink Crew in an interview with Reginae Carter.

Ceaser Emanuel addresses his ‘habit’ of firing people from ‘Black Ink Crew’

Throughout the nearly decade of Black Ink Crew, shop boss Ceaser Emanuel has fired several employees numerous times.

In a May 2022 interview with Reginae Carter of Social Society, he acknowledged his frequent firing of people. According to the tattoo artist, he doesn’t enjoy cutting people loose.

However, he notices people getting “comfortable” and wonders what happened to the “same energy” he got from them on their starting day. Ceaser claims the artists will begin taking more breaks and making excuses about why they can’t come to work, which frustrates him.

He admitted he previously took it “personally” but has since given his staff more chances. Instead of immediately firing them, the New York native says he now gives “two strikes.” Eventually, once he gets older, Ceaser believes he will start giving others three strikes before they’re out.

Ceaser fired Miss Kitty in ‘Black Ink Crew’ Season 8

Viewers were first introduced to Ceaser’s sister Tiffany in season 1 when he sought advice from her for his relationship with Dutchess Lattimore. She returned in season 5 when he needed advice on running the shop following Puma’s exit. However, he fired her offscreen.

Ceaser hired Miss Kitty in season 5 as the brand ambassador for Black Ink. The two eventually developed a romantic relationship before calling it quits. In season 8, it’s revealed that she allegedly hooked up with Ryan Henry of Black Crew Ink Crew: Chicago.

Considering it a betrayal, Ceaser promptly fired her. Richard “O S***” Duncan worked at 113th from the debut episode and became remembered for having several children with multiple women.

After a no-call no-show, Ceaser fired his longtime employee. However, the tattoo artist proved his worth, and the boss rehired him. When Ceaser left town, O S*** invited friend-turned-rival Puma Robinson to the shop, enraging the owner. Although the pair got into a blowout fight, they have seemingly repaired their friendship.

Ceaser has fired at least seven former employees

Puma and Ceaser were close at the beginning of the show but fell out when the former focused on opening his own tattoo shop.

After their beef turned physical when Puma dropped a chicken wing on the floor, the two didn’t communicate for a few years until Sky forced them to work it out during a California vacation. Puma has since returned to Black Ink as one of Ceaser’s right-hand men. In season 8, Puma hired event coordinator London.

However, after she threw a party without permission, Ceaser fired her. At the same meeting, he cut “tremendous” tattoo artist Mike AC because he felt the employee-focused more on partying than tattooing.

Most recently, he parted ways with Donna Lombardi, presumably for real this time, following an alleged domestic violence incident with her then-fianceé Alex Robinson. Additionally, he fired longtime manager Walt Miller when he admitted to stealing money from the cash register. Throughout the show’s nine seasons, Ceaser has fired at least seven people. Black Ink Crew airs on VH1.

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