'Black Ink Crew' Season 9 Episode 5: Ceaser Emanuel Addresses Public Feud With Daughter

At the beginning of the year, Ceaser Emanuel’s daughter, Cheyenne, publicly accused her father of abuse, igniting a social media war between her and his girlfriend, Suzette Samuel. During Black Ink Crew Season 9 Episode 15, Ceaser shared his side of the story. 

Ceaser Emanuel and daughter Cheyenne got into a public fight

In Jan. 2021, 16-year-old Cheyenne, the daughter of Black Ink shop owner Ceaser Emanuel, went live on Instagram to accuse her father of pulling her out of the shower while naked and beating her “like a dog in the street.”

According to the teenager, Ceasar drunkenly broke several bathroom doors to reach her and allegedly threw a speaker at her head. She also claims the police were called.

Following her accusations, Ceaser’s girlfriend, Atlanta-based realtor Suzette Samuel, blasted the teenager via several Instagram Story posts in which she claimed Cheyenne wanted expensive wigs but didn’t want to wash the dishes.

Additionally, the realtor attacked Cheyenne for not doing well in school, called her a “thot,” and insinuated the teenager had a sexually transmitted disease. In another rant, Suzette went off on Cheyenne’s mother, Crystal Torres, insisting they wanted a storyline for the show.

Ceaser addressed feud during an episode of ‘Black Ink Crew’

After inviting his crew to tattoo at his Atlanta shop following another shut down in New York due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ceaser opened up about the public feud.

According to the tattoo artist, his daughter and her mother had difficulty getting along during the shutdown, so he invited Cheyenne to live in Atlanta with him and Suzette. He claims the three had a good relationship until she returned to New York to visit her mother.

Ceaser credits that as the turning point because he believes his daughter came back to Atlanta “a different person.” The Black Ink owner said he asked her to do the dishes, but she refused and listened to music instead. Therefore, Ceaser said he questioned her about it, and she cussed at him, resulting in him taking the speaker.

He then claimed Cheyenne called the police and told them she didn’t want to do chores. According to him, nothing happened until she returned home and made the abuse allegations a couple of months later. Ceaser noted he felt “betrayed” by his daughter and doesn’t understand why she accused him of putting his hands on her.

Ted wants Ceaser to dump his girlfriend over her handling of the situation

As the employees made themselves comfortable at the Atlanta-based shop, Ceaser spoke to his cousin, Teddy Ruks, about the situation. In a confessional, Ted, who has known Cheyenne all her life, explained he “hated” seeing everything happen, especially as it became public on social media.

The two talked about Cheyenne’s Instagram Live, and the shop owner admitted watching the video “broke his heart.” Teddy believes Ceaser’s ex Crystal is behind everything as he claimed she dumped him when he wanted to pursue tattooing full-time but didn’t think he would end up with his success. Therefore, Ted believes she wants back into his life.

The Black Ink shop owner seemingly agreed, noting he thought Crystal also attempted to run off his ex-fiance, Dutchess Lattimore. Even so, Ted told Ceaser he needed to reconsider his relationship with Suzette for how she “violated” his daughter.

While the New York-based tattoo artist agreed she went too far, he pointed out they both crossed the line. In the preview for the next episode, he admitted he isn’t sure if he sees a future with the realtor anymore. Black Ink Crew airs Mondays at 9/8 Central on VH1.

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