Bobby Bones Details Using His Color Blindness to Set Up Surprise Proposal

The ‘Dancing with the Stars’ winner takes to his radio show to share how tricked his new fiancee Caitlin Parker into dressing up and joining him at their barn for the special moment.

AceShowbizBobby Bones is spilling details over his surprise proposal to Caitlin Parker. One day after getting down on one knee, the season 27 winner of “Dancing with the Stars” made use of his radio show to share how he used his color blindness to trick his now-fiancee into joining him at their under-renovation Nashville’s barn.

The 40-year-old brought up his engagement topic in the Monday, October 23 episode of “The Bobby Bones Show”. Recounting the special moment in his life, he shared, “I said while we were away this weekend shooting my [upcoming NatGeo] show in Virginia, I said, ‘Hey, they were working on the barn this weekend and they left some paint colors and samples in there. We need to go and let them know by Monday morning what color we want.’ “

“I’m severely color-blind, so I said, ‘I need you to go with me and look at them,’ ” Bobby went on explaining how he set up the surprise. Noting that “there were no paint colors,” he further revealed that one of their friends helped to decorate the barn with candles, plants, and some hanging stuff while they were away over the weekend.

On how he got his 28-year-old fiancee dressed up for the occasion, the “American Idol” mentor claimed that he told her they were going on a dinner date with two friends. Before dinner, however, he asked her to go to the barn to decide the paint color. “As soon as I opened the door, I’m talking as soon as she could look inside, she went ‘huh’ and started crying, just like that,” he recalled.

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“I told her, ‘Before you, I kinda felt like I was broken.’ … I’ve never loved anyone romantically ever. I said, ‘Before you, I just thought that was either a lie or something that the movies had. I don’t feel that way anymore,’ ” Bobby recalled what he told Caitlin in his proposal. “She was shocked, I was happy about that.”

Bobby later made use of Instagram to share the romantic pictures of the two from the event. “I am the luckiest . I waited so long for the right one. And it payed off. Surprised her with a secret proposal in the barn in the backyard. After she said yes, our song ‘nothing left to lose’ by Mat Kearney was playing outside,” he wrote.

“And it was @matkearney playing it . She said it was at Mat’s concert during this song that she knew I was the one for her. So lucky he played it again for only us tonight,” he added. “I’m so happy I get marry to love of my life.”

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