Boris Johnson’s father Stanley in furious clash on GMB ‘we’re ahead of other countries!’

GMB: Kate Garraway and Priti Patel clash on vaccine rollout

Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway were on hand to welcome Iain Dale, Jacqui Smith and Stanley Johnson onto Good Morning Britain today to discuss some of the latest news headlines. On the agenda for the ITV panel were topics such as the Government’s latest approach to the coronavirus pandemic as well as Stanley’s application for French citizenship following Brexit. However, it’s fair to say the debate turned rather heated between Stanley and Jacqui when the conversation turned towards his son and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

One particularly fiery spat came when Kate and Ben probed Stanley on his desire for French citizenship following the UK’s departure from the European Union.

“This has been going on for some time,” Stanley told the GMB panel. “At the height of this Brexit business, I thought my mother was French,

“What about a sentimental gesture to my mother? It’s taken about a year to gather all of these papers together, I’m rather pleased with the notion.”

Stanley added: “There’s a little tiny gesture by me to build a bridge.”

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However, Jacqui wasn’t best pleased that the same opportunity wouldn’t necessarily be extended to her family following Brexit.

“Listen, I’m delighted Stanley you’re able to continue to get benefits of free movement,” she sarcastically chimed in.

She clarified: “I’m sorry but because of the actions of your son, my sons can’t. Because of your son, our country isn’t in as good as it could be.”

However, Stanley stood firm throughout the debate, standing by his son’s handling of the pandemic and Brexit, and particularly the Government’s vaccine rollout.

With Stanley heading for his second vaccine jab today and hundreds of thousands around the country in a similar boat, the former politician praised the country’s efforts.

“Well, I’m very reassured, Kate, by the fact that we have got a grip on the vaccination programme,” he said.

“We’ve got brilliant scientists and got huge numbers of the vaccine. So I’m confident that we’ll get there and get there by Easter – we’re ahead of other countries!”


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