Boris makes awkward timing gaffe as he walks out of TalkTV interview: ‘Might want to go!’

Johnson exits interview after comical exchange with Newton Dunn

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Just the second day after launching, TalkTV landed a world exclusive interview with Prime Minister Boris Johnson. News Desk host Tom Newton Dunn was the man tasked with putting the PM on the spot about a whole manner of issues, from the Ukraine-Russia war, partygate and the cost of living crisis. However, after bringing the chat to a close, Tom revealed he’d be sitting down with a panel of guests to analyse the Conservative Party leader’s comments, leading to a hasty walk off from the PM.

“You’re heading over to Piers now, is that right?” Boris asked when Tom had wrapped up his questions.

“Do you want to say something about Piers? Make it brief” Tom cheekily added, to which the Prime Minister replied: “Well, we love Piers…

“You know, I’m sure, I’m sure, I’m sure he’ll do a nice job too,” Boris added before Tom thanked him for his time and teed up the analysis.

Tom said to camera: “Well, you’ve heard what the Prime Minister has had to say.

“Stay tuned because I’ll be analysing all of his comments with Tuesday night’s panel in a moment,” Tom said before spotting the chance for a joke.

Turning to the Prime Minister, Tom quipped: “You’re welcome to stay for that, Prime Minister.

“I suspect you’ll want to go,” the TalkTV host added, prompting a wry smile and a thumbs-up from Boris.

“I don’t mind, I’ll stay,” Boris could be heard saying off-camera, leading Tom to quickly say: “You’ll stay! Let’s see if the Prime Minister stays.”

Boris Johnson is grilled on future fines by Tom Newton Dunn

“No, no, no,” Boris could be heard mumbling off-camera as laughter began to ripple throughout the studio.

Getting to his feet to make an abrupt exit, Boris added another joke: “I’ll help you with the analysis.”

The Prime Minister then proceeded to walk in front of the TalkTV cameras and off the set, despite the show being live on air.

“Bye-bye now,” Boris said as he shot a thumbs-up to Tom who could only watch as the Prime Minister got his timing all wrong.

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While the interview got off to a rather humorous close, fans were left rather divided by some of the Prime Minister’s answers during the chat.

Howard Griffiths praised: “Great LIVE @tnewtondunn @BorisJohnson in-studio chat on @TalkTV  this evening. Good to see Boris make a love reference to @piersmorgan @PiersUncensored & fun departure from studio set.”

@thellen argued, however: “@TalkTV just interviewed Boris. Total waste of time. No different to the other channels, softball questions. My local infant school could have asked tougher questions.”

While Lynne Godfrey slammed the PM: “Watching #Boris on #TalkTV and I find him as unconvincing as ever.

“He always seems to struggle for words, none of the fluency of  Cameron for instance. BUT he seemed pretty relaxed and he makes me smile. “

Kieron Johnson added: “First time watching @TalkTV and the interview with the PM. Much like the House of Commons, stumbling over his words and not knowing what to say next…

“Brilliantly conducted interview by the show holding the PM to account, (another) car crash for Boris! @piersmorgan #TalkTV.”

While @Scrats_Nuts blasted some viewers’ reaction: “Oh ffs, Labour already twisting Boris’ words to make out he wants to privatise the NHS. Hear one thing, make out its something else. #TalkTV #NeverLabour.” (sic)

The News Desk airs at 7pm on TalkTV.

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