Brad Pitt & Lykke Li are just art-world buddies, theyre not dating at all

This week, there was another revival of the “maybe Brad Pitt is dating Lykke Li” rumor. Every few months, there’s another outbreak. I think most of the time, the rumors start at Deuxmoi, which means that A) either Brad and Lykke are genuinely being seen together around LA, B) Brad’s publicist is desperate for some headlines or C) Lykke Li’s people want to increase her visibility in American gossip markets. I’m going more with B and C. In any case, Brad’s people went to both People Magazine and Page Six to deny the dating rumors.

Brad Pitt has struck up a friendship with Lykke Li. Despite a report that the actor, 58, is dating the 35-year-old Swedish singer and model, a source close to Pitt says Li is just part of “a large group of artsy friends that he enjoys hanging out with.”

“Lykke Li and Alia Shawkat are part of this group,” the insider says. “He likes having female friends too.”

(Reps for Pitt and Li had no comment when reached by PEOPLE.)

According to the source, Pitt “is dating, but not seriously.”

“He still keeps in touch with Nicole [Poturalski],” the insider adds of the German model Pitt was last linked to in 2020.

[From People]

Oh, he still keeps up with Married Nico, the German wannabe Instagram model? There’s a thought. As for Lykke and Brad… I’ll buy that Brad does have this “art world” friend group these days, and I’ll buy that there are women in that friend group. Mostly, I do think Brad’s publicist is just bored, so he sent in some tips to Deuxmoi so he could then deny it. Speaking of, here’s Page Six’s version:

Brad Pitt and Lykke Li are not “secretly dating” despite online reports, Page Six can confirm.

“He hasn’t seen her in two years,” an insider exclusively told us on Thursday. “He met her a couple of years ago. [There’s] nothing negative. They are just not dating.”

Rumors that Pitt, 58, and Li, 35, were romantically linked started swirling after the popular blind-items Instagram account @deuxmoi posted a tip about the pair. A tipster alleged that Pitt was spotted hanging out with the Swedish singer at Mother Wolf, Chef Evan Funke’s new Roman-style pasta palace in Hollywood that’s already attracted a number of celebrities.

However, an insider reiterated to us Thursday that Pitt has no interest in dating another celebrity again. A source close to the actor previously told The Post, “I can’t see Brad dating someone super famous again. I can definitely see him dating someone with a lower profile.”

Pitt’s long list of famous ex-girlfriends includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Juliette Lewis and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, whom he was married to from 2000 to 2005. A source recently confirmed to Page Six that Pitt is very much still enjoying the single life and dating around, but is not tied to any one particular person “seriously.”

[From Page Six]

And I’ll say this again… Brad probably would love to date someone famous again, but they’re mostly avoiding him. Why hasn’t he moved on with someone with a lower profile but still within the industry? As I’ve also said before… it’s because he’s still hung up on Angelina, who dumped him more than five years ago.

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