Bride-to-be finds out her mother PAID her fiance to propose to her

Bride-to-be is left devastated to discover her mother PAID the fiancé she was ‘so in love with’ to date her – and even bought the ring herself

  • A bride believed to be from the US revealed mother paid fiance to marry her
  • Mother was desperate to see her marry and paid man to take her out on dates
  • The mother went as far as buying the ring herself one month before hiring  man 

A distraught bride-to-be revealed how her mother paid a man to date and propose to her. 

The US-based bride, who did not reveal her name, explained on Buzzfeed that her mother had orchestrated the nuptials, going as far as hiring a man to date and propose to her.

The mother, who was desperate to see her daughter married, bought an engagement ring, hired a potential fiancé and spared no expenses on the wedding preparations. 

A year prior to the deception, the woman had told her parents she was bisexual and she suspects her mother acted to precent her marrying a woman. 

On discovering the plot, she called off the wedding and she and her mother are no longer speaking.

A bride-to-be believed to be US-based revealed she called off her wedding after finding out her mother had paid her fiance to marry her (stock image)

Her devastated daughter explained her boyfriend proposed to her after only two months of dating, but that she didn’t find it suspicious because she ‘was head over heels.’

‘He said the wedding should be as soon as possible because we were so in love, and that seemed like a valid reason. And my mom was so proud of me, I was just loving all the attention,’ the devastated daughter revealed. 

When the couple started planning their ceremony, the bride’s mother bought her an expensive dress and her parents paid for everything, which raised her suspicions. 

She explained that her parents were not usually ‘big spenders’, and what’s more, her fiancé had claimed his family was poor and couldn’t afford to contribute to the wedding,

People said they would never meddle in their children’s love life, because they had to deal with their parents’ comments about their partners when they were younger, or because their children would ‘kill them’

It made her wonder how’d been able to afford the diamond ring he proposed to her with. 

‘I got my hands on the store he bought the ring from through some careful snooping and went into the store where he bought it to see if it was real,’ the bride revealed. 

‘And not only did the store clerk confirm the ring was real, he added the ring was “one-of-a-kind” and that he remembered being there when it was bought.

That’s how the bride found out the ring had not been purchased by her fiancé, but by her mother, even before the couple had started dating.  

‘It turns out, she met him through a friend and paid him to go out on our first date (to a five-star restaurant),’ the bride revealed.

‘She paid for all of our dates and, of course, my wedding because she was so desperate for me to get married and he was just in it for the money,’ she added. 

The bride also revealed she had announced to her parents she was bisexual a year before the incident, and wondered whether her mother had schemed to make sure she would marry a man and not a woman. 

‘I am now dating a wonderful woman and my mother and I no longer speak,’ the bride concluded. 

The tale made it on to today’s episode of UK panel show Loose Women, where viewers were quick to share their disapproval. 

One said that they would ‘leave the country’ if there mother did something similar, while another said she would never interfere in her son’s love life after experiencing heartache with her own parents.  

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