Britney Spears Judge Denies Move to Oust Jamie as Co-Conservator

Britney Spears’s lawyer asked the judge in her conservatorship case to boot him as the conservator of her estate, but a judge just shot that down and says Jamie stays — at least for now.

Britney’s lawyer, Sam Ingham, actually asked the court to suspend Jamie from conservatorship duties back in November and the judge denied the request back then.  We’re told Ingham wanted Jamie replaced by Bessemer Trust, which would have become the sole conservator of her estate, but the judge wasn’t having it.

Ingham for whatever reason just let things sit for months — he was supposed to file certain papers to Bessemer’s new role to take effect. Finally — just recently — Ingham filed legal docs that Bessemer be made co-conservator.  The judge just approved that, but also said Jamie will stay as co-conservator himself. The judge also reiterated that Ingham’s request to suspend Jamie was denied.

It’s important to note, the judge signed this order keeping Jamie in place AFTER Britney’s testimony last week.

As you know, Britney wants Jamie out entirely, so it’s pretty clear her lawyer will file another motion to remove Jamie.

By the way, everyone has been assuming Bessemer has been acting as co-conservator of Britney’s estate for months, but turns out that’s not the case.  Actually, Bessemer still isn’t a co-conservator — certain documents must still be filed before the judge’s order takes effect.

Bottom line … Jamie has been and continues to be the sole conservator of Britney’s estate.

To be continued.

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