Britney Spears Team Looking to Tidy Up Fortune, Extra Safeguards

Britney Spears‘ team says it has its work cut out post-conservatorship — and that includes getting all her wealth into one big bucket for proper management … something they’re trying to do right now.

TMZ has obtained new legal docs filed by the man who served as temporary conservator of BS’s estate — aka, the business guy in charge of her money — and he’s asking permission from the court to consolidate a couple of Britney’s trusts — one of which actually predates her being in a conservatorship — into a single trust with all of her assets.

The paperwork states there are two trusts that have different assets — one was created in 2004 (well before her public spiral) and another that was whipped up in 2018 (while she was in the thick of the conservatorship).

Unclear exactly how much dough is in each, but in any case, the docs say they want to revoke both trusts … and create a brand new one, lumping in all the assets to be managed under one umbrella.

The idea here seems to be that Britney’s fortune is pretty fat … and it’d be easier to keep track of it all if it was under one watchful eye. The docs say the new trust will be managed by someone with “experience representing high net worth individuals” — which could be read as a potshot that her dad didn’t have the skills to manage his daughter’s money.

There’s more … the business guy is also asking for permission to execute a power of attorney and an advanced healthcare directive for Britney — which could be important safeguards for her wellbeing in case things go south.

.A judge has yet to rule on the asks.

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