Bryce Hall Reveals How Many Millions He's Making From Austin McBroom Fight

“tiktokers about to embarrass the youtubers real quick 😈”

Bryce Hall is ready to make bank from his ever-expanding TikTok career — by headlining a boxing match against YouTuber Austin McBroom this summer.

After appearing on Adam Grandmaison’s — aka Adam22’s — No Jumper podcast, an except of Halls interview was shared to the No Jumper TikTok channel in which he breaks down his massive payout on fight night.

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First, Adam asked Bryce, “You’re not worried,” and without a glimpse of hesitation Hall replied, “No. Against Austin McBroom? No.”

Adam then asked the 21-year-old TikTok sensation how much he’s making off the night, clearing the air after hearing speculation that Hall was taking in 70% of all pay-per-view sales.

“So, I’m getting 4% of pay-per-view sales…” Bryce claimed. “Then $5 million as soon as I step in the ring, and then a $1 million knockout bonus.”

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The “Battle of the Platforms” fight is scheduled to go down on June 5, as a part of a larger boxing match where popular YouTubers will face off against some of the biggest TikTok stars.

Hall took to Instagram to share the exciting news with a snapshot of the full roster and wrote: “tiktokers about to embarrass the youtubers real quick 😈 (even tho im a youtuber)”

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