Building a Fancy-Looking Website for Yourself, and How to Avoid Burnout: What We're Teaching at ExtraCurricular This Week

Sooo…how’s your fall semester going? Actually, nevermind. We know, and we’re sorry. That’s why we created ExtraCurricular. ICYMI: we’ve created an entire semester’s worth of classes—free! free classes!—to give you everything that (campus) life just…isn’t right now.

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It’s College 2.0, and you’re invited, whether you’re:

And *drumroll* school is officially in session starting this week! Tonight at 7 p.m. ET, Bea Arthur, a licensed mental health counselor, award-winning entrepreneur, and CEO of The Difference (which provides on-demand access to therapy as Amazon’s first mental health Alexa Skill), will school you on how to do the (seemingly) impossible: avoid burnout when we’re hustling 24/7. She’ll break down the definition of “burnout” and how to recognize its symptoms, plus she’ll examine the bad habits (the feels kind, and real-life kind) burnout typically brings on and the good habits we can adopt to sidestep it in the first place. Feeling better already, TBH.

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A wise man once said “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna,” and I felt that. So I’ve been a little quiet about my next chapter but I am so proud to finally announce my new business baby, The Difference – we provide instant access to on-call therapists as an Alexa Skill! As a practitioner and advocate for mental health for the last ten years, I am so glad to see the benefits of therapy finally overcoming the stigma of seeking professional help. However, it’s still really hard to get started with a therapist when you’re ready to see one, especially if you don’t have health insurance like my broke ass. So I’ve made it so that anyone, anywhere in the world, can connect with a live, human therapist within 30 minutes or less. The site is ready and we’re pre-selling sessions so you can be one of our very first beta users before our official launch next year. We’ve got amazing feel-good rewards including everything from flowers to fancy weighted blankets to CBD pills (!) so if you believe the right talk at the right time can make all The Difference, please support our campaign : ) Many thanks, Bea PS I did my own hair and makeup and was running late to this shoot, so didn’t have time to do a very necessary mirror check. Please do not clown me, and let this be a lesson about the need for diversity in media because no one told me to fix my hair! PPS Don’t forget to like us on here: @thedifferenceai 💕 Link to our @ifundwomen campaign in bio!

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On Thursday, also at 7 p.m. ET, Maxie McCoy, host and executive producer of Woman On (a new digital experience that feels like talk show meets Sunday School—except not religious) and author of You’re Not Lost: An Inspired Action Plan for Finding Your Own Way, will teach you how to build a website as fancy as your résumé—no graphic design degree required, promise! And she should know: she did it all herself for years, and now she’s sharing all her hacks exclusively with you.

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First time feelings, some WORDS👉🏻 Do you remember the last thing that you did for the very first time? . These moments usher us, every dang time, into a new level of our own human experience. What’s wild about the first time isn’t that we’ve done it, but that we felt everything we felt, and did it anyway. First times are full of everything we love and hate to feel: dread, trepidation, excitement, nervousness, doubt, and hope. . They’re their own personal roller coaster. First day, first time, first try, firsts. Firsts. But the older we get, the more experienced we get. We must not only embrace first times, but recognize first-time feelings and then continue to seek them out. Recognizing them can be hard, though. Super hard. Because if you don’t look closely at the moments where you’re on the cusp of expansion and growth, you see only fear and uncertainty. . This has been me a lot in the last few months as we build and launch @womanoncollective – Am I going to be horrible at this? Will it serve the problems I’ve heard from the women I’m here for? It’s ok it not hundo p perfect right away right? What are all these excited but overwhelmed feelings I’m having right now? . Oh it’s because I’ve never done this before. These are just first time feelings. It only took about two hours of brooding in my own head to come to this conclusion. Which is better than two days. And better than panicking. And infinitely better than bailing. . What bubbles up when we have no idea what we’re doing isn’t because we don’t know what we’re doing — it’s because we simply just haven’t done it before. So no matter what your first is, from major personal moments (hi relationships and parenthood and big moves and big feelings) or major work moments (looking at you promotions, new jobs, bigger responsibilities, and leveling up), remember first time feelings are a reminder that you’re not only new at something, you’re expanding into somewhere new, too. And that’s the precise moment where life gains even more momentum for the better. Embrace those first time feelings. They’re where life gets bigger. And you get better . Woman on xx

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Here’s the thing: the job market is tougher than ever, and even in “normal” times, you’re probs not getting what you *really* need to start your dream career. So over the next few weeks, our series of classes, presented by Dell XPS, will teach you all the stuff you need to thrive at this exact moment we’re in (how to find the job, land it, not hate it, and then actually save money, avoid burnout, take care of yourself, and more). Created by your crew at Cosmo, alongside Plan B One-Step, these virtual workshops are taught by a dream-team of mentors: entrepreneurs, celebs, influencers, and editors.

And there’s so much more to look forward to this semester:

Oh, and don’t freak out if you miss a class or have a schedule conflict! You can re-watch all of the ExtraCurricular classes through the end of the semester—unless you join Cosmo Unlocked, in which case you can keep the vids forever. (Better than taking notes, no?)

See you in class!

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