Cardi B Speaks Out After Being Sued for Alleged Physical Attack

Cardi B is defending herself.

The “Press” rapper posted a series of tweets in response to the news that broke earlier in the day on Friday (February 21) regarding a woman suing Cardi, claiming she was brutally attacked while working as a security guard in 2018.

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“Why don’t you guys post the part where the doctor office said that that’s not what happen ?and if I assaulted why she didn’t press charges ? Why would I put my hands on some1 twice my size by myself while I’m experiencing sharp pain 4 months pregnant ?,” she wrote.

“Then she suing me claiming I used racial slurs because people been trying to push that narrative on me for the part 2 years …mind you this is the girl who suing me ..Lighther then me & look Latin American ..Give me a f–kin break !” she added.

“Here’s a better pic but she claimin she’s African American and using racial slurs ….Girl GTFO …see you in court tho,” she went on to say.

Click here to see the details of the lawsuit.

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