Carl Woods tries to walk fiancée Katie Price off cliff in hilarious prank video

A smiling Katie Price stood facing the camera with a beautiful beach behind her as her partner Carl Woods encouraged her to keep stepping backwards, jokingly urging her towards the edge of a cliff.

Katie realised what was happening: "No. Oi! You're trying to get rid of me."

Carl kept up the joke: "A bit more."

Katie followed up with: "It takes longer than that to get rid of me."

Their previous holiday together to Turkey had led to an unfortunate fall for the former model.

Falling from a 25ft wall, Katie shattered her ankles and needed emergency surgery to recover.

Taking months of physiotherapy to recover and walk unassisted, Katie said she was lucky to survive.

The couple are one of the first to leave the country after the lockdown rules eased up today.

Travelling to Portugal, Katie and Carl took photos on the plane wearing their masks as they excitedly made their way overseas.

Katie's caption read: "Yesss finally @CarlJWoods a gorgeous break."

Portugal is one of the only holiday destination countries to have made it onto the government green list in time for the lockdown changes.

Only 12 countries and territories made it to the green list, a list of places that do not require you to quarantine when returning to the UK.

Katie and Carl have gone to Portugal with two friends, and, according to a source at Daily Star, Katie is hoping that she and Carl may get pregnant while there.

The source said: "She's saying it's a baby-making holiday and so she's hoping some relaxation in the sunshine will be good for them."

Katie has been trying to have a baby with Carl recently as she wants her terminally ill mother Amy to meet her future grandchildren.

The stress of trying to conceive has pushed them to take a relaxing holiday to keep their nerves down and bring some calm to their personal romance.

Katie is already a mother to five children; 18-year-old Harvey, 15-year-old Junior, 13-year-old Princess, seven-year-old Jett, and six-year-old Bunny.

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