Carol Kirkwood divorce: Why Carol split from ex-husband ‘I found myself’

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Carol Kirkwood shocked viewers during a live broadcast from Greenwich Park yesterday when she mixed up dog walkers and joggers to say doggers. The BBC Breakfast star later took to Twitter to apologise for the mix-up and wrote: “That will teach me to try and say joggers and dog walkers in the same sentence!!! Sorry!”

Carol is seen to keep her relationship status under wraps but she was previously married to ex-husband Jimmy Kirkwood.

Carol and Jimmy were together 18 years before they split in 2008.

The BBC presenter has since spoken out on how she feels she has found herself since the split.

Talking to Radio Times, Carol said: “I found myself when I got divorced.

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“I started to do things and to think, ‘I’m not going to say no, I’m going to say yes!

“I’m braver now. I’ve flown with the Red Arrows, jumped out of planes with the Red Devils.

“When I was younger I would never have done that because I’d have thought, ‘Too dangerous!’ Now I think, ‘Oh, you’ve got to live your life!'”

Talking to The Mirror in 2015, Carol spoke of how she felt a sense of freedom after her divorce.

Carol said: “I was married for a long time and I got married quite young so it’s nice doing things I have the freedom to do now.

“If I want to go out to the theatre or go out with friends for dinner, I’ve got that freedom.”

Carol went on to say that she has been invited out by viewers.

She continued: “Nobody has been setting me up on ‘Strictly’, and I’m not doing any online dating or anything.

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“Sometimes you do get invited out by viewers, but I don’t know these people that are writing emails to me saying ‘Let’s go to dinner.’

“I’m very flattered that anybody would be bothered to do that, but I don’t know who they are so I’m not tempted to follow them up.”

Carol has previously admitted that she is open to marrying someone special in the future.

During an interview with The Mirror, Carol said: “I absolutely believe in marriage.

“If you’re married to the person who is your soulmate and the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

“It’d be nice to be seeing somebody, but it’s not the be-all and end-all.

“I wouldn’t get married just for the sake of being married, because I’m happy as I am.”

In 2016, Carol revealed she had met someone new; however, she has not spoken publically of her relationship since.

Carol told the “I’m very happy in my relationship status at the moment.

“I’m not single! I’d just started seeing somebody, so it was ok, it didn’t matter.”

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