Carrie had the right idea about flexible working – and it’s time for us to catch on

While And Just Like That sees the evolution of our three favourite characters, some things remain the same – and there is one thing, in particular, we could all learn from Carrie Bradshaw.

It’s official: We’re finally two episodes into the highly-anticipated reboot of And Just Like That and there are already so many things to take away from it all.

As we all collectively tap back into the lives of Carrie Bradshaw et al there’s a level of excitement (and sadness if you’ve seen both episodes already) surrounding the show as we follow the trials, tribulations and fabulous outfits that we fell in love with over 22 years ago.

While the new HBO Max series has its differences when compared to its predecessor, there are a few things that remain the same – and one of them is the rather interesting work ethic of Ms Bradshaw.

During Sex And The City’s six-season run, many of us watched on in awe as we saw our fave girl dine in the most exclusive Manhattan restaurants, have a closet filled with designer names like Manolos to Dior, and live a life many of us only dreamed of living – all while working as a freelance writer.

As someone who had a relatively brief stint as a freelance writer, I feel that it’s safe to say the Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle isn’t exactly attainable for the majority of us.

She seemed to only freelance occasionally, often ran from her editor when it came to submitting a 1,000-word monthly column all the while living her very best social life.

And in the SATC reboot, we’re introduced to Carrie Bradshaw, the part-time broadcaster and best-selling author, who we still see spending her days lunching and socialising like it’s 1999.

While many of us know freelancing is often a never-ending cycle of work with no consistent breaks, Carrie always ensures that enjoyment is to be had – and while we may have labelled her work ethic questionable back then, I’ve realised she may have had the perfect work/life balance all along.

In a recent Twitter thread debating And Just Like That, podcaster Brittany Luse discussed one of the critiques associated with the show, writing: “The most perplexing piece of #AndJustLikeThat critique I’ve seen is that Carrie shouldn’t be a part-time podcaster with a boss, that she should have a GOOP-like lifestyle brand… y’all Carrie was many things, but she was not a rise-and-grind my girl liked to CHILL.”

The tweet, which gained over 8,000 likes, saw many comments on Carrie’s work/life balance over the years, suggesting that Carrie may have not worked hard but she played hard – and ended up marrying rich to boot.

“She married a rich man and had the work ethic of a carrot. I’m confused why she’s even working?” tweeted writer Sowmya Krishnamurthy.

Another wrote: “Sis wrote a weekly column in an alt-weekly and the occasional freelance gig. Dining out, shopping and dating were the focus” while another said, “She freelanced occasionally, had a column, lived the dream and married rich. Who said a lack of sleep and working to the bone was the way forward?”

Carrie was never a “rise-and-grind” type of girl who worked into the wee hours and took minimal breaks. She lives, enjoys and it seems to be paying off.

Perhaps she had the work/life balance figured out all along and we’re just now catching up. After all, a recent Glassdoor survey found nearly half of respondents (48%) took action to improve their blend of job and home during the Covid-19 pandemic, while 35% believe a healthy balance of the two is not possible in their current role.

Maybe it’s time for us all to grab a Cosmo after work, splurge on ourselves a little and walk around the city aimlessly for a little balance. Who knows, a gorgeous townhouse and a mega-rich beau might be in our future too.

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