Celebrity Gogglebox viewers can't cope with Martin Kemp's balls secret

Celebrity Gogglebox viewers were in bits tonight after Martin Kemp revealed a very awkward secret about his balls.

There is literally no good way to say that, is there? It’s about his balls.

Martin was once again watching the best telly of the past week with his son Roman Kemp when the rather awkward conversation came up.

And of course, it was DJ Roman that initiated the convo.

‘What about your balls?’ He asked, ‘do they go lower [with age]? Is this true? I’ve never spoken to an old person about their nuts.’

‘I’m not old, Ro,’ Martin insisted, but his son barrelled along regardless.

‘I’m deadly serious,’ Roman went on. ‘From when you were my age to you now, in cm how far have they gone down?’ 

Martin concluded: ‘Do they go lower? I’ve never really thought about it, I suppose they do. I reckon about 5m, they have, you’re right.’ 

Let’s just say, fans thought the cnoversation was a bit surreal.

‘Things we didn’t need to know about Martin Kemp,’ one fan wrote.

Another added: ‘You and Roman have some right conversations, this one just now was the best yet.’

Of course, now we know that the Kemps are no strangers to awkward, bodily conversations.

The father and son duo even admitted that they’d been sending each other pictures of penises (not their own, we hasten to add) during lockdown.

When asked whether they’re fans of sharing rude jokes, Roman, 27, told The Mirror: ‘Yeah, we’re constantly sending each other funny things.’

‘Like pictures of willies,’ his dad Martin, 58, chipped in – prompting Roman to quickly add: ‘Not my own willy!’

Which is always good to know.

Celebrity Gogglebox airs Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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